September 22, 2006

Say bye bye to summer '06. It was a good one. I was exciting, fun and messed up all at the same time! Wouldn't have it any other way! A good experience should mess with all your emotions and senses. It helps to remind that you're still alive. Does it get any better?
Camping at strawberry resevoir was awesome! Catching crayfish, fishing and swimming and watching a storm roll while the wind plays with the waves was almost hypnotic. Does it get any better
Hell yeah!The Relay for Life Cancer walk was an amazing time! Everyone should be on a team at least once! Hundreds of people walking all night long around a track illuminated by the names of cancer victims and survivors raising money for Cancer reasearch. Friends, family, colleauges, neigbors, strangers. It's an awesome feeling. An awesome act of service. Does it get any better?
Hell yeah!Can you say BBQ? OH man this summer was full of the meat grillin, dutch oven burning, watermelon seed spittin goodness. Back yard bonfires, glory days stories, and gossip. What every dinner party needs to be successful. Does it get any better?
Hell yeah! I went to the Movies ALOT this summer. I've seen more this summer thanI have been in the last 5 years . I guess I could actually become a movie person. Better than going to the movies, is going to the drive in! OH YEAH! Because its like, 2 movies for $6. And if you bring the gang, then it's like tailgating and movies, with surround sound and an auto buffett. Does it get any better?
Hell yeah it gets better. Fall is here. You know what that means? Leaves turning colors in the canyons, brisk walks on hiking trials, a cold bite in the air. Warm apple cider, cake style donuts, haunted house, corn mazes, and best of all... Football all day Saturday and Sunday! House parties with chili, cornbread, buffulo wings and nacho's while screaming and swearing at the tv because the lineman missed his block and the Kicker cant get the pigskin thru the uprights.
Doest it get any better?
Hellz yeah....!