July 05, 2007

Fall out boy and Fireworks

It's funny but for a month now, I've had the latest Fall Out Boy album as back ground music in my head. It goes well with most things going on around me, video games, work, especially house cleaning. They're giving Def Leppard a run for their money in the cleaning department. When I get into house cleaning mode it's ALL about Def leppard or Totally Awesome 70's. ON them sad days it's all about the Barry Mannilow and Karen Carpenter. On those summer days when I'm feeling.... "frisky" as my Aunt Joyce used to call me (meaning mysterious and mischievous. Ms chi-vi-us!) I'm all about jazz. Radio stations 97.9 The BREEZE! There's nothing like the sensual slow moan of the saxophone.

Yesterday was Independence day. That's right July Forth. Unlike my father who could listen to Neal Diamond sing "we're coming to America" all day, or "God Bless the U.S.A" by Lee Greenwood all day I went a different direction. To be clear there is absolutely nothing wrong with Neil Diamond or Lee Greenwood ESPECIALLY on Independence day. More people prolly listened to them then what I listened to.

But I Gotta tell ya folks, I plugged in my Fall Out Boy Cd when the fireworks began and it was like Magic! I felt like I shot up like superman, the sky my play ground. Sparks of Red, white and blue popping off and shooting up as if through my finger tips. I could actually feel them tickle my skin as they landed and faded into the darkness. I've seen fireworks before, but never like this! The energy from the music and my freedom and independence radiated with each spark that hit the sky. FALL OUT BOY and independence. Hand in hand Like Apple and Pie. ON your next celebration with fireworks, Crank up the F.O.B and fly!