November 22, 2006


I was in the grocery store the other day and I walked in right behind an older gentleman. He was sort of poky and stumbly as it if he might fall over. I was patiently behind him in no hurry. We were traveling the same direction so i just lolly gagged behind him a bit not wanting him to feel hurried or rushed. For some reason I was observing him... he was looking around as if he were noticing things for the first time. I was intrigued. I watched him sort of walk over to the Chinese food bar and chat with the people behind the counter. Just some friendly banter and he gave a big deep breath into the air and remarked how marvelous the food smelled. He left the counter and went along his merry way. A college student sort of brushed passed him in a hurry. The college student then stopped, turned and said.. "excuse me sir!..." And the older gentleman replied... " hey that's alright young man... nice bumping into ya!" I sort of giggled at his happy go lucky style. I was headed towards the plants and the floral counter and to my surprise the gentleman headed that way as well. I stepped over to the different arrangements of daisy's, Callie Lillie's (my favorite), roses and other floral plants. The colors were bright, brilliant and breath taking. Peach roses with red lace tips, yellow carnations with sunbursts of orange in the middle. The variety of colors made me forget about jolly old guy stumbling about the store for just a minute... until i saw him out of the corner of my eye. He came up the flowers... bend down and cradled a blossom in his wrinkled hand... closed his eye's and took a big SNIFF! "ahhhhh!" I cracked a smile and looked a him. He turned my way and said.... "my lady.... sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers along the way! You should find time to take one day and just enjoy the beauty of what you smell, hear and see! IF you do that, you'll be happy!" I nodded in agreement and with a wink, he was off!

That experience gave me a tingly sensation! And when he walked away.... I cupped a blossom in my hand and drank in the fragrance. Delicious! And I walked away.... singing the song that was on the overhead speaker. He made me feel good, simply be being himself.

I don't know what it was this man had, but it was contagious. I was reminded of this experience this week because, two days this week were the most gorgeous sunsets I've seen in years: the sky was dark with shades of purple, fushia, blues, plums and grey. I chased the first sunset to the edge of town trying and get a picture of it. The frustration of traffic slowing down and buildings blocking the view was irritating. By the time i found a spot to take a picture the sunset was mostly gone. I got a couple of pictures (see above pic)... but nothing like I wanted. And I defeated the purpose of enjoying it.

I thought the 2nd sunset was a "do over" because I missed the point of the first one. The second one I just watch from the place I was in. It was breath taking. I was in awe. Sometimes when we stop and enjoy the beauty of God's creations around us.... we can here him saying.... " I Love you. See what I've given to you today? Who else in the world can give you such things?" Nobody. As I watched the sun dip behind the mountains and the sky go completely dark. I heard him whisper.. "I love you, my child. I love you." Thanks for the sunset dad!


It's like that~

November 19, 2006

Michigan's Bo Schembechler, left, and Woody Hayes of Ohio State

The Power of the Maize & Blue.

Yesterday was a phenominal day. Woke up WAY TO EARLY for a Saturday. Mostly because I've been very tired all week and have literally be crashing and then waking up freakishly sooner that I'd like to. I woke up, did the morning routine: shower, dressed: Put on my navy blue running pants with my matching blue and gold Michigan Wolverines t-shirt. Yeah I was feeling good, totally pumped about the Michigan/ohio game. Michigan/ohio game is possibly the greatest college football rivalry around. It's was extremely exciting today because ohio is ranked #1 and Michigan is ranked #2 and the winner would indeed be seeing an invitation to the national championship bowl.

So I put on my wolverine t-shirt and my sweatshirt and scooted off to my early morning saturday meetings. After the meetings I'm walking out of the church building with the 2 genesis councelors and one said... "I'm pullin for Michigan today!" The other counsolor then started saying how he went to College at Michigan Tech and how cold it was out there. We're in the hall conversing by a bishop's office when that door opens. Out steps an older man and we all introduce ourselves. He notices my sweatshirt and asks if I'm from Michigan. I told born and raised! He tells us he went on his mission to Michigan when it was called "The Great Lakes Mission." He's never gone back but always wanted to and he would love to see Michigan win today!

Afterwards, I head to the grocery store to get some things for a soup bowl party we're having in the evening. I want to have it prepared and simmering so I can focus on the game when the time comes.

I walk into Macey's and I head down the isles for what I need. I suddenly realize I'm singing with the music on the overhead speakers and smiling at those who are greeting me while passing me. I head over to produce and two guys stocking potatoe's look over at me. I smile and greet them with " good morning!"

One guy says to me... "GO MICHIGAN!" and I all but squeal like a little kid with a favorite toy on Christmas! "You know it!" I call back to him and then a few others join in and start giving props to the Michigan Wolverines. Before you know it, there's about 17 of us gathered around the potatoes, apples, avocado's, talking football! It was AWESOME! Even a couple of creepy old guys asked if I wanted to watch the game with them on the big screen. We're talking stats, we're talking history, we're talking BO and Woody Hayes and I was holding my own I tell ya! One guy walks into the product sections wearing a University of Michigan hat and a BYU t-shirt. He heard us talking football and his shirt reminded us that BYU was going for conference champion ship today. We gave our props to BYU and after a few more minutes I said... "well Cougar fans... I have to get going. But it was nice to meet you all!" A few of them shouted.." Hail! Hail" and I Shouted back "Go Mighty Cougars! Thanks for the pep rally that was awesome!" And off we went our seperate way down our seperate isles. A few of us bumped into each other and chatted a bit more here and there before leaving the store. Even in the checkout isle I got some "high fives" and "good lucks" and "we're going for Michigan!" It was already a good day at that point, win or lose.

I watched the game..... BOY WHAT A GAME! I had to leave about the last 6 minutes but my daughte kept me updated via cell phone as I rolled down the highway towards a gathering in Midvale. Michigan lost to ohio 42-39. 3 points. I can't even be mad. I can't. It was a battle in true Michigan fashion, up til the last second. My chest hurt from the excitment and yelling at the TV and pacing back and forth. AWESOME!

In Midvale I had to stop and get some ice cream for the gathering. I see 3 cops outside arresting someone. One looks over at me and says.... "wow that was a good game, huh? I think Michigan and Ohio need to rematch for the national championship." I laughed and said... " I don't think my heart could take it.... but I'd risk it!" Again, in the store.. up and down the isle singing and skipping along... people smiling at me.."good game" here...."wow what a match..." there. I get to the Cashier and he's dying to know about the game... so I give him the short version of "black chick e-es-pee-in version" as I saw it. Told him I lost and he was like.. ."man I' am soo sick of ohio this- ohio that." I said.. "yeah... and seeing all this U of U red doesn't help does it?" I gave him a wink ... and he laughed at the U of U pin on his shirt. Off I went to my gathering. We did some small talk about the games... most of us were from out of state.. so when I mentioned the BYU Championship game was today too, most of them hadn't realized. I let them know BYU won the Mountain West conference.

Our gathering was more fun than I'd had in a long time. I laughed so hard my head and stomach still hurt! Met some new people who are absolutely funny and incredible. We had WAY too much food! It was absolutely a FABULOUS DAY! It made me forget to worry and stress about what's been eating me up in side all last week and prolly all next week.

I start to head for home after the gathering and notice my car is running on fumes. I pull off at 90th south and head east towards a Maverick filling station. I pull up next to a pump and just on the other side of me is a Green Jeep Liberty. passengers door is cracked up and there's a guy in the back. I pay no attention as I jump out of the car... the guy looks at me and says.... "excuse me.... can you open this back door for me....the people i was riding me left me in the back seat and it's safety locked... I can't open the back door!" I start to laugh and he starts to laugh and I open the door for him. He tells me... "Sorry Michigan lost... it was a good game though!" I agreed. He goes into the store and comes out with 3 ladies the 2 ladies get into the truck and he turns to me. I'm still filling up. He says... to me.. ."you know... Michigan and Ohio need to play that championship game together. They are the best 2 teams in the country... and this BCS crap just messes everything up." And we're off and running into another post pep rally at the gas stations. One of the ladies notices I'm wearing my Michigan shirt. She rolls down her window and says.... "hey.... are you from Michigan?" I said ..."Yeah.. " She says... "HEY ME TOO!, Where are you from?" "Battle Creek" I say. "I'm from Detroit!.. Isn't crazy that we're both living in utah?" I say... "yeah..." and then we're off into nostalgia about home sweet home.

When I finally get home, I'm exhausted. (from the excitement of the game? from all the blood test from earlier in the week? From this freakin disease riddling my body?" Who cares why I was exhausted? I changed into some footie Jammies. Sat back in the recliner, turn the TV to ESPN... and drifted off to sleep as the new's casters aruged about if Michigan should get another chance at Ohio in the National championship bowl.

Michigan may have lost this game but they are always winners to me.

I wonder if Bo Schembeckler and Woody Hayes are snacking on buffalo wings and gatorade at the tailgate party in the parking lot of the big house in the sky.

Hail! Hail!