July 17, 2009

Summer Fun.... LET'S CATCH UP!

Hey Friends, Fans, Brothers & Sisters!
It's been a while I know! Much has happened since my last post. To be quite honest I don't even remember writing that last post and that's been over a month ago.

Sooo Let's see we have some catching up to do, and best of all I have some pics!

I heard that one of my favorite Comedians were coming to town and tickets were only $20! What a rip off for him but such a great deal for those of us who went. We were fortunate because he did 4 shows and all shows sold out. We scored tickets to the last show!

Here's the line to get into the comedy club Wise Guys. It was actually out in the street. Which didn't surprise me. I would stand in the street for the guy. I didn't, but I would.

Of course I took my picture with SINBAD! It was a fun night from what I can remember, it was an awesome time. And don't we make an awesome looking pair? It was fun to kind of talk to him afterwards. He mentioned something about Michigan and I shouted out "BATTLE CREEK!" and he called back "BEARCATS!" Which is my high school...Battle Creek Central Bearcats! And he then proceeded to tell the audience how his team Benton Harbor whipped our butts on the football field in 1972. Someone from Niles Michigan proceeded to then mention how They kicked Benton Harbor's butt. It was a fun little interchange.
Afterwards I took the opportunity to spar with him about our rivalry. We used to have police escort going in and out of Benton Harbor, they would throw rocks at the bus and try to get to rioting. Especially when we kicked their butts in Softball! Again a nice little interchange with such a fantastic entertainer. He is easily one of my Favorites!

It was an AWESOME NIGHT... what I can remember of it.
Unfortunately this was also the night I came down with Swine Flu. I remember taking a breath to laugh and a dry burning series of coughs popped out. By the end of the show and the ride home I was out of it. I would learn later I not only had Swine flu but it left behind it's sister pneumonia and baby cousin sinusitis. Apparently I was in denial and went to the Dr WAY later than I should have. My voice was so deep my own mother didn't know who I was on the phone. My daughter was calling me "Sir", "Father" and "dad", telling folks to come over and get Barry White's autograph.
This ailment was NO JOKE! Every time I woke up I was in a different room, not remembering how I got there. A few times I woke up with a thermometer in my mouth. I remember just burning from the inside. I drank a lot of ice water and cough drops. I remember it hurting so badly to cough that I would start to cry when I felt one coming on. I'm a tough cookie, I went through childbirth all natural... that's right NO PAIN KILLERS!So for me to cry at coughing meant there was some pain!2 ladies at work also came down with swine right after I did. One was good to go after a week. The other is still not back to work and it's been about a month. Because I have Pneumonia as well I've been taking it easy. The weather has been rainy and cold for the most part so I've been inside and resting in bed for the most part. I was thinking I was over the worst with just a little pneumonia. Then my sister reminded me of those who have passed way with it. So I'm being careful. I still tire easily and my lungs still aren't clear. I'm about 75% but I think I need to go back to the Dr because i still get burning in my chest and have a difficulty breathing when walking upstairs and hills and even doing regular house work.
I told my friends I was going to make a T-shirt. A week later I got this in this in the mail a few days later.

Awesome right? I think so too!
I missed seeing Smokey Robinson in concert :( bummer.
But I was able to be an usher at the Oquirrh Hills Temple open house. It's only a half mile away and our stake was asked to help. That was pretty cool.

At the same time I celebrated 1 year of living with PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's been a really really tough road. I now know it's not something that ever really goes away, you just learn to handle it better. I am 365+ days stronger and better. And I will continue to be.

June 26th we Finished up the American Cancer Society Relay For Life event. Team W.A.C-USA had it's largest team ever. I had 16 people register. This event takes ALOT out of everyone. So Much appreciation and love to all who participated. There were very bad storms for about an hour during the relay. The winds and rains actually snapped my metal tent poles in half. The lightening was striking so close the Army was rushing to get everyone inside the gymnasium. It only lasted about an hour but it looked like a tornado came through. But we didn't stop the relay. We were determined to relay no matter what. Cancer doesn't stop because of the weather and neither did we. After the storm we were rewarded with a double rainbow. This was also the night after Michael Jackson Died. *sadness* He's another blog for another day.
Team W.A.C-USA raised over $1400 for the American Cancer Society. Yaye US!

We got a call the other day e and they're selling the house my sister and I are renting. So we're not in the process of Trying to find places to live. We've decided not to move in together this time which is not such a bad idea.

My daughter is getting ready to go back to her 2nd year of college. She's been upset this summer, not being able to find a job. I was not sure how we were going to pay our portion of her college fees. Esp since this new job I have is making quite a bit less than the old one. I'm struggling with rent payment as it is. The other day my daughter walked into the room and said... "Mom, the school money will come, don't worry about it, I will be taken care of. And I don't plan on moving back home after college next year I'll stay there until I graduate so you can just find some thing for yourself and not worry about getting something for the both of us."

Broke my heart. It would be nice for her to have a bedroom of her own when she comes down on weekend and holidays to visit. But on the other hand she is a 19 year old woman with a head on her shoulders that exceeds my own. I guess this would be cutting some apron strings. I'm torn. I would much rather find a 2 bedroom so she can always come home with ease and comfort when she wants. I would much rather scrape and go without to afford that for her so she can come visit whenever. I may just get a little something for a year or two, try and save and then purchase a condo that we can call come.That way we'll never have to move again and she will have a real home even after I'm gone. The joys of single parenting. We don't do what we want to do but we do what we have to do, right? RIGHT! Last week her financial aide came in. It paid for all her tuition and fees and there is some left over. All we have to worry about is her books and living expenses. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

We're preparing to go back to Michigan for a family reunions. Im SO EXCITED! The last time we went to a reunion for this side of the family was about 6 weeks before September 11th. Much of the family is from Manhattan, Rochester & the Bronx. I'm also glad to get back to the home town of Battle Creek! I spent some time there last summer but was unable to really get around who I wanted to. I've got some places to see, business to take care of, and favorite places to dine :) Bring on the Volcanoes Pizza and the Chicken Coop! My grandma's been very ill also so it will be good to spend time with her and get some pictures of her. We'll be there for a week!

*** I think I'll stop for now and do a part 2 a little later. I haven't even begun to catch up on the last couple months!***

Until then....BE FABULOUS!