April 29, 2007

Weekend Crazinesssssssss

Those who know me know I'm ALWAYS on the go. This weekend, was crazy but it was great! A good portion of most of my weekends are spent in between Midvale and West Valley City. This weekend was no different. On of my friends got baptized yesterday.
I'll speak more about that on my other blog:Journal of a Black Mormon Girl. Just to touch on it lightly, it was amazing! I've had some pretty great experiences to feel the love and power of God. This was one of THE most powerful times.

I am in a position to be over some fairly large events. Or maybe it's fairly small events. Typically the events I have there are anywhere from 100-600+ people with a staff of only about 6 people (only about 3 of us show up though.) I'm grateful for those who come and are willing to help out when it comes to the setting up of and event and tearing down of an event.
Anyway, I have an annual talent show/pancake supper event that was yesterday. I tend to run high stress when we start late and people don't show up and come when they're supposed . Lately I've decided to just roll with the punches. To be all stressed out and ticked off before an event doesn't do anybody any good.

Yesterday was sooooooo much fun! I was able to recruit an Emcee which took much of the pressure off me. I figure as the event chairperson, much of the attitude and atmosphere depends on me. So I went for it. The stage set up was easy, but I also included an open mic at the rear of the room. So when the talent was setting up in between acts we had a 'bust a joke' segment. You know how it is sometimes when you go to a talent show and sometimes you wish... "dang I should have signed up to do something!" Well I had a "make me a star" segment as well. There was a sign up sheet and a karaoke machine. I had a back room with costumes, hats and such. Where any audience member could sign up to do a Karaoke song, we'd take them in back, outfit them and send them on stage to do their thing.
Off to the side were displays for those who had visual talents: Paintings, sewing, kite making... and such. We had talents of all kinds: One of the young men is sponsored by nike for his skate boarding and he brought in one of his video's to show. We had singers, dancers, jokes, poetry reading, guitars, piano soloist, rappers, beat boxer, story tellers.... we had it all and it was awesome! I am amazed at the little kids who get out there and just go for it. 1 little girl was so afraid to do her piano solo. She was number 2 on the schedule. She over came her fear and came back later in the show to do a "make me a star" karaoke performance. SHE WAS AWESOME! Everyone was awesome! I even did a couple of things in between my running around. I'm excited that much of it was video taped! Maybe you'll see us on You Tube!
I even made 5$ for the Relay for Life team!

I went from a choir practice at 9 to a baptism at 12 to shopping for the pancake dinner at 1:30 to setting up for the event at 2:30. It started at 5:45 the talent show started about 7:15. I was home and in bed before midnight! Normally I don't even leave from cleaning up until midnight.
I was tired and sore and did I mention tired?

Today we had the follow up conformation from the baptism in Midvale again and that was about 12:50 this afternoon. I got home by 6 and slept till about 10:30 tonight. I'm ready to go back to sleep. The work day starts in about 7 hours. Tomorrow is the busiest day of the month. And next weekend will be busier than what I just went through. But I'm looking forward to it!

Now, who says you can't have THAT much fun doing church stuff?