March 08, 2009

7 Women + 3 Boyz = Men!

One fine evening 7 Women from Utah went out to Play.

Then ended up in Nevada in a place called Wendover

There was a Concert...

But the concert was all sold out. "Hmmmm!" Thought 7 women in Wendover! "How do we get to see this concert? It is sold out and we do not have tickets"

7 Women in Wendover met a Lady from South Jordan Utah

She had 3 extra tickets so we bought them.

7 Women in Wendover found another lady who had 4 extra tickets. So we bought them too.

2 seats were together on the floor. 1 seat was in the middle of strangers on the floor

4 seats were all together on the next level up. None of the seats were bad. All of the women were happy.

7 Women in Wendover went into a Concert

And this is what happened:


They kissed and held my hand (yes... all 3 of them)
They gave me a rose
AND they told me to call my mama and put her on the phone. Then they took my blackberry told my mama who they were, that I was at a concert having a good time and that a song was dedicated to her ... then and sang to my Mama in Michigan while onstage in the middle of the concert."Mama...Mama You Know I love you! You know I love you Mama!"

AND THEN after the show... this happened:

V.I.P Passes(Autographed)to the V.I.P Lounge

My Daughter with the Menz

Myself with the Menz

My Womenz with the Menz

This is our story and we're sticking to it!


PS: Anything can happen with 7 women from Utah in a Friday or Saturday night!