January 15, 2007

BABY, It's COLD Outside....!

When I left the house this morning it was -6 degrees. SIX BELOW, YO.

OK so I lied. Cuz it would have to heat up about 20 degrees to get up to JUST being cold.
I'm serious IT IS COLD OUT SIDE! Shoot, Cold can't even describe how it is outside.

I come from Michigan where they have that humid fridgid to the bone cold outside and it's colder than that.

Its "slap yo grandpappy" cold outside.

It's "make some hot greens and drink the pot liquor" cold outside.

It's "cuss somebody OUT" cold outside.

It's "breathe through your mouth cuz if you breath through your nose it will freeze together" cold outside.

It's so cold outside I saw Jack Frost knockin on the gates of hell screaming.."let me in, it's cold outside!"

Two guys were outside talking and their words froze in mid air, I could see what they were saying... THAT'S how cold outside it is outside.

I saw some penguins building a fire.... that's how cold it is outside.

It's soo cold the fake teeth at the dentist office were chattering.

It's so cold, I witnessed a cop hand cuff a car to his car so he wouldn't have to get out... that's how cold it is.

It is "If you rub your hands together they would shatter and break" cold outside.

Cows are giving ice cream... that's how cold it is outside.


How cold is it where YOU are?