January 13, 2012


True story about fried chicken. It's my most favorite food. Ever. Crispy, golden, succulent, juicy, delicious. I love it. Fried chicken is one of those comfort food that make you feel secure, happy and loved.

Remember this guy? Nothing like taking him on a picnic to the park with the family for Memorial Day, July 4th, After t-ball games and softball practice. A bucket of the colonial best was always the main for a picnic.

There is something special about Sundays and holidays. People stereotype African Americans with the dish but it was roaming around Europe way back in Midieval times. The English preferred it boiled or back but it was the Scottish who introduced fried chicken to the United states when they immigrated to the southern states.
As slaves were brought to America work on southern plantations, those who worked as cooks added spices and seasonings that weren't used in Scottish cooking. Most slaves were only given or allowed to keep cheap meat sources such as the boney parts of animals such as the ribs, tongue, hocks, tails, and entrails (chitlins) of Pigs and Cows. And they were usually allowed to keep and breed chickens. African communities in the southern states friend chicken on special occasions.

Back in the day people realized fried chicken too longer to spoil and was great for traveling. The recipe is easy and timeless and hasn't really changed much at all. Fried chicken is still popular for Sunday dinner and it is also served on holidays such as Independence Day.
In actuality Minny was right: Fried chicken really does make you tend to feel better about life.

I watched the help for the first time 2 days before Christmas. My daughter watched it with me. When it came to the part of where Minny was teaching how to fry chicken my daughter looked at me and said.."That's so you! You and your friend Chicken! HEY we should have it for Christmas dinner!" We had been trying to come up with our Christmas Dinner Menu. Minny made that chicken look so good we did, indeed, have fried chicken for Christmas dinner. And it did make us feel better about life.

So in honor of this succulent bird that is so well loved, anytime I need to feel better about life, I'm all about the fried chicken!