November 29, 2012

Happy Celebration of Life, Year 45.


It's been a long looong. Year.  Last year my birthday started off with a death. It was devastating. I put off celebrating my birthday until I felt better about it. I put it off for a year. Each time I thought about celebrating my life I could only thing about death.  My 44th year went uncelebrated. The whole year felt as if there was little to celebrate. It seemed like one negative thing right after another right up until this 45th year.

So this year I'll be doing the opposite. I believe that once you declare something to your life... the opposite shows up to test you and your resolve.  Meaning once I've declared this year of 45 to be one of positive things.... all that is negative will show up to test how serious and ready I am to be on a positive track. If you don't have a test, you can't have a testimony. I'm ready to have many testimonies. And I'm ready to create more positive things in the world. I believe that the things we do are born from our thoughts, words and actions. The things we do begin with the things we think. Where the mind goes, the behind follows. As a man/woman thinks, so they are. I will  create more positive thoughts. I will create more positive words. I will create more positive actions and things in this world. From December 1, 2012- November 30,2013 I'm going to create 45 positive things. Who will Celebrate my 45th year with me by doing 45 positive things?
    *Happy Birthday To MEE!!!* :)