January 26, 2010

"Last, This and Next" This conversation is LONG OVERDUE!

This is a LONG overdue conversation. Some people just down right confuse me. And "I can do bad all by myself!" I get confused on a couple little items. I know it may seem like I'm talking about "this, that and the other" but what I'm really referring to is Last, This and Next.

Now I'm not taking in general, I'm talking in reference of time. More specifically when
we speak in terms of days and weeks. I guess "LAST" shouldn't be a problem because it truly is it's own definition. But this and next confuse the devil outta me.

For example: If I were to say "I have a date next Saturday." In the minds of some people that should be the next Saturday coming up, right? It makes perfect since. Next should be next, right? But in my mind THIS Saturday would actually be the next Saturday, as in This Saturday coming up, right? Because the Next Saturday would be the next Saturday coming up after THIS Saturday. So This Saturday would literally be Next Saturday. It certainly can't be Last Saturday because I can't have date coming up last Saturday unless I'm specifying The Last Saturday of a Month or Year, right?
Ya with me on this?
Now there are some that are insistent that Next always means the VERY next. I disagree completely, if that were the case, then we could totally do away with THIS and just stick with Last a Next. THIS WILL NEVER DO. I'm just to fond of THIS. I used to think it was just a matter of how one was brought up. But it's not true. My sister and I have had this discussion many many times.
She is one who believes that next means NEXT! So When I say THIS, Saturday she actually thinks I mean this LAST Saturday instead of this Next Saturday because THIS can't possibly be Next. Do ya see my dilemma, do you SEE IT? Do ya see how it all makes perfect sense and yet NO sense at all?
So Basically am going to make it easier on myself... and on you if you're communicating with me.
Last refers to last week, This refers to this week and next refers to next week. Got it? So no more of this confusion. When I say this confusion I don't mean as in this next confusions or this last confusion. THIS means Current to me. Get it? Got it? Good!