May 09, 2007

Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?

I think it depends on what kind of reason you're looking for. Is the world truly a Merry-go-round? What you put out comes back to you? Karma, who is she? Or is she a figment in our imagination that we can inadvertently will into our own making?
Some friends and I were discussing this kind of thing. Some of them scoff at "everything happens for a reason." Others solely believe that everything happens for a reason.

Maybe it depends on events, patterns and experiences from our own lives? These are the types of things that shape our belief systems anyway. Someone once told me, if you recognize God in all things then you'll see God in all things? Is that how we're supposed to do things? Does God regulate coincidences and if so to what extent? Do you just happen to make yourself so busy that it keeps you out of the way of a horrible accident you may have been in had you not been behind in schedule? Does he actually block phones from ringing to avoid you making some sort of mistake had you answered it? Are those coincidences? To what extent to we believe the hand of God in all things? Or do we just believe the hand of God in largely hard to believe things?

I grew up with the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles saying things like... " God is trying to tell you something, you better listen." Or "The Lord will throw pebbles at you to get your attention, then he'll throw ROCKS!" I tend to think thing happen for a reason. Do I think everything happens for a reason? I don't know. But if I'm trying to do something and I get some sort of obstacle each time? I'm going to pretty much figure that thing I'm trying to do is NOT supposed to happen for whatever reason. People call me crazy. For me, it's not a matter of what I'm doing and how it's being blocked, malfunctioned, debunked or whatever. I base that on the feelings I get. Some call it a sign. I do believe there are some signs. And I have forced enough situations and issues that should have been left alone that have been disasters. Do I believe everyone is governed this way? Nope. Because we are each hear to learn different things in different ways. But I know, the way things work for me. I know when something as simple as an email comes back for no reason failed 3 or 4 times, I need to stop sending it. Do I know why? Not always. But usually it would have been the wrong thing said at the wrong time and would have made matters worse. And those times I did ignore that "maybe God is trying to tell you something" feeling, I should have left well enough alone. So sometimes we scoff and laugh and roll our eyes when people speak of Karma and coincidences and happenstance and such. I've come to the conclusion, I do guess most things happen for a reason .We may not always know or even care. But if God, or Karma or what ever Creator YOU believe is aware of all things and has an order to all things do YOU think that most things come about just by happenstance and the world, earth or atmosphere around you is really uncontrolled for the most part? I believe we do sometimes create those situations and we are free to choose our actions, but we are not free to choose the consequences of those actions and it can have profound effects on people we're close to, just by default.
Lately I've been paying more attention to subtle details of things. (yeah, I think too much and over think and blah blah blah.) And in my observing of things... and I mean just by sitting in the back ground watching people and things and situations you can really get a sense or clue of the goings on around you. And there is a stronger sense, at least just for me that... "wow, that situation really had a master plan and was designed a certain way and those involved are sort of clueless." It's an amazing experience so actually SEE things happening for a specific reason. I think maybe I do believe most things happen for a designed reason. I'm willing to acknowledge that. I'm not saying that takes control or responsibility away from my own actions or behaviors at all. I mess up! I mess up BIG TIME at my own bad choices. But I also have been saved and restored BIG TIME and usually not at my own doing.

Anyway..... I'm rambling. I know I'm rambling. But it's MY Blog! And thoughts were playing bumper cars my head... and now, they've stopped :)