October 04, 2006

Ok I just found something that I absolutely LOVE! It put me in the best mood. Go ahead, click the link.

Now tell me you didn't laugh!

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October 02, 2006

I Loves me some College football, YES I DO!

Saturdays in the fall..... ESPN. ESPN2, Fox Sports, CNN sports, play of the game, hard hits, instant replays all night long til I fall asleep in the big chair and wake up 3am the next morning with a freakin neck ache. All of that, I LUV IT.
Recently my team... Michigan Wolverines.... (maize and blue,baby!) Played Minnesota for the "little brown Jug." They've been playing for this thing since 1903. The story behind it?

Here's the Jist of the story. (although the links below have the real story)
In 1903 Michigan Wolverines travel to Minnesota to play the Golden Gophers. After a Game the coach at the time, Fielding Yost, left their little brown water jug. He contacts Minnesota and says... "Hey, send us back our water jug....!" Minnesota says...."no way, man, you want it back, you have to win it back!"... and they been playing for it back and forth ever since. Some of these rivalries and trophy's are HUNDREDS of years old. Now at first, this whole little scenario was rediculous to me:

Minnesota says.... "come win it back" Which of course, we do. For mine, that should have been the end of it. But it turns out, if Minnesota wins... the Jug goes back to Minnesota. And they have been doing this back and forth thing ever since. In a logical world, You win back your stuff, end of story. What would compels you to hand it over again and again after that first exchange? There ain't no winning back your own stuff over and over again for 100 years. AND Minnesota has the nerve to have their Colors and Letter on 1/2 of the jug. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT???
Perhaps Im ghetto. It's my jug, I left it, I won it back. THE END.

Awwwww but what fun would that be, right? RIGHT! Something funny, the current minnesota coach has been coaching their for over 10 years. They Won my jug on my turf last year. It was the first time in his minnesota coaching career he had seen the thing. (michigan had it for the last 16 years, lost it last year, and took it back this year) . Hell even I've seen it before now! Poor guy prolly thought it was some mythical goblet made up by the Notre Dame Leprechaun or something.

K, so anyway.... i got to thinkin of all these rivalries and what other kind Junk stuff they're trying to win back. I tell you it's the most AWESOME craziness I've ever experienced. This trophy stuff is SERIOUS business. The stakes are: a keg of nails, Slap of bacon, Old war canoe, Spittoon, oaken bucket, paint bucket, dutchman shoes, cannons, trophies, Paul Bunyons ax, and so on. AWESOME! Not only do I love me some college football, Im all for ghetto supa star prizes you win on the backside. That just makes college football even better. I'm included a link to where you can find some of the trophies and the history behind them and the rivalries. Im tellin ya, ya gotta love it even more.

Im making a blue and old t-shirt that says..... 'Hey! Yost wants his Jug back'. I'll sell them long with my BYU t-shirts.

Any takers???