December 08, 2006

The Stories of the Season

Crisp air brushing gently against your cheek with its icy touch.
Holiday lights twinkle on branches waving to playing children and
and shoppers hustling along with festive holiday wrapping.
Soft cool wind wraps around and clasps your hand in it’s own as you
Step out into the wintry scene.
The smell of pine and cinnamon covered almonds tickling your senses.
A snow flake softly drifting, dancing it’s way down, kissing the tip of your nose and disappears.

Side walks displaying still movies and silent pictures of gumdrop houses and candied snowmen captured behind frosty decorated window glass.
Skaters dancing and laughing as their blades etch fancy design across the ice.
Snow covered hills and mountains sending out skiing, sledding and snowball fight invitations!
Tinklings of jingle bells, silver bells and holiday hymns in the air whispering the stories of the Season.