November 11, 2012

Keeping Family Alive Through All Generations of Time

Johnnie Melba (Warfield) Flowers-Worrell's Cookie Jar. Always full of homemade rolled out sugar cookies.
22 Days of Thanksgiving: Day November 11. Today is my Great Grand Mother's Bday: Johnnie Melba Warfield. She was 1 amazing woman. The Oldest of 13. She had 1 child, Pearl Dryden Flowers. That would be 2 amazing women. And from those two amazing women I have learned an eternity of wisdom to base my life on. "How it takes a village to raise a child" and "If you don't ever start smoking or drinking you'll never have to worry about knowing how to stop" I also learned how to cheer people on who need encouragement, praise even in the smallest acts of accomplishments, learning is a choice, but teach so the option to learn is available. I also learned there's nothing like a good old fashioned cookie jar full of good old fashioned sugar cookies to raid when people come to visit, and if everyone gives up a small portion of what they have to those who have nothing then we all benefit from the goodness that comes from it. They were educated by schools, common sense, the streets, the bible and life. I often look to their example while being a woman, mother, mentor. I am Thankful for the lives they lived and the wisdom they shared that is still being shared down through the generations. Happy Birthday Great-Grandmother.