May 09, 2011

Sister Wives VS Baby Mamas.

I was fascinated by the show Sister Wives. Being a non-fundamentalist Member of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints I wanted to take a peek into the real lives of those who held onto the tradition or commandment of Plural Marriage. I had a couple of teachers who would tease us all the time when they found out I was LDS as to how many wives did my father have. I would always respond “well , how many mama’s do YOU have?” *check mate* And leave it a that.

Just to differentiate between the Mainstream LDS Church and those that practice polygamy. Mainstream LDS used to practice Polygamy. However we also believe in obeying the law of the land, so the practice was disbanded years ago.

The Polygamist Mormons still practice in hiding. For fear of their families being Separated.
When I look at stories Like Warren Jeff’s which appears by me to be a misguided use of unrighteous dominion I’m sickened.
Strangely enough, when I watch the Sister wives on TV, I am impressed by their love of family and the measures they go through to communicate effectively and cooperate for the greater family good. What they have seems to work as a family unit. The bills get paid, they aren’t on welfare they work hard and budget their expenses and finances, the children are educated, clean, and enjoy the typical sibling relationships. They are indeed family in every since of the word. None of their kids are dropping out of school, pregnant or running the streets.

If someone were to ask me today… “how many wives does your father have, I would ask them… How many Baby Daddies does your Mother have?


It’s coming to the point where same family members share 2 and 3 different last names due to divorces, remarriages and baby mamas.

From what I can figure 1 man working, with 4 wives, 2 of them (usually) working, and 2 at home with the 16 children, are better on the economy than 1 mama with 4 kids trying to work and collect child support from 4 baby Daddies.
Sister wives are losing jobs because of their marital status? What part of that is not discrimination? Utah is an AT WILL state meaning you can get fired for no real reason. I don’t know the situation to which wifey 1 was let go but really? People who want to work can’t work.
I had a friend who, when she had her first baby her mother moved in for the first 2 months. She loved it. Her mother cooked, cleaned did the laundry and all the traditional things a wife should do. Within a week of her mother leaving she recognized the value of having another woman to share the caring. She told me “that’s what I needed for all this time… A wife!”
I have no interest in being a sister wife. But I am quite envious of the support they have within one another. It’s their own little community within the family. As a matter of fact it is an example of how a family and community should work.
If all the baby daddy’s out there gathered all the baby mama’s together in one house hold and shared in the raising ,financing, emotional caring of the children they created, I think as whole it would be less of Burdon. Then again If Couples in a Monogamous marriage are able to do the same thing and stay together and work toward that same end, the effect would hopefully be the same as well.
No child has a choice in how they're being brought up and the belief system of the household in which they live. The Brown House hold is obviously not the Jeff House hold. I mean they have minds of their own, they're not subservient of submissive and they have a choice in how they continue their lives after leaving the house hold.
Mama Baby's are products and subject to whatever is being taught in their house hold... sometimes good, sometimes bad who knows? I don't see no authorities going after them families for whatever moral ideals are floating around in those homes.

MAYBE The state of Utah should worry less about Kody Brown, his 4 wives and their 16 (+1, they are expecting again) children. They appear to be decent contributing people in society. Maybe they should start investigating what's going on in some of these Baby Mamas households.
*just sayin*

*Just A thought*