September 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home??

So I left my home in Utah to go back home to Michigan for 3 weeks and now I'm back home in Utah. Home Sweet Home, right? Sure, why not... um... Which home are we talkin 'bout folks?

Being back home in Michigan was... surreal for me. Normally when you go BACK home you're staying with family in your old house you grew up with and seeing old friends and neigbors and what not.
Yeah.... well, not so much the case. I stayed with a Man I haven't seen or been around in about 23 years.
For the most part I enjoyed my trip and my time in Michigan. But it was difficult for me to be back in the the home town. I left with a lot of emotional loose ends. So all the old memories and intimidations and things came rushing back to me. Very little was familiar but so much was familiar. It was like being in a different world but running into parts of my life there.
I was able to see my my Grandmother that i haven't seen in about 4 years. Her health isn't all that great and I'm not sure when I'll be able to see her again. We went to her birthday party and I was able to see aunts, uncles and cousin's I haven't seen in a while. Awesome seeing them and looking forward to seeing them at the family reunion next summer.
I met Adonis Family. I think they're great and they remind me of my own family.

There are defineate things about Michigan I miss, like tree covered streets and the freshness of the evergreens and the wonder and beauty of the great lakes. I miss Volcano Pizza and Chicken Coop Wings, Hot stuff potato chips and faygo pop. And being 30 minutes away from some of the extended family and missing certain parts of their lives.

What I don't miss... is the Humidity. I have RA. Most nights I couldn't sleep because the pain in my knee and hip was so horrible and my meds didn't really touch it. I don't miss people cussing and swearing as part of everyday language. I don't miss the having to always watch my back and be on Alert 24/7. I could name a few others but I wont.

For the most part I've spent half of my life in Michigan and the other half in Utah. Both places have a unique beauty all their own. When asked which place I like better, it's hard to give an honest answer in terms of geographical specifics. I base which place I like better on where I have been most successful and thrived the most. Where I'm most comfortable, safe and at peace.
Well I've been both places and have successful to some degree in both places. I consider both places home and why shouldn't I?

It was fun to go back and see the old high school, football stadium and softball field where I, girl jock ROCKED at my sport. It was fun to see the houses I grew up in and the neigborhoods I rode bikes around and even some of the people I went to school with.

It was also fun to come back home and see the mountain side and sleep and wake up without too much pain and to be back in my house, my yard and my personal space. And to know Im going to a place... a community that genuinelycares about each other and that caring is welcomed.

Home Sweet Home???

Aw yeah..... Home Sweet Home!