November 24, 2008

Much To Be Thankful For!

Currently, I'm unemployed, recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which has my memory scattered on some days and I forget things more that I'd like to admit. I'm no longer engaged but working things out, I have a level II sprained MCL with another 4 months in a leg brace and physical therapy. Can't keep my days straight, and get tired way too easily. This has been going on for for the last 5 1/2 months.

I am so grateful. SO GRATEFUL! All these experiences has given me the opportunity to be served. It has shown me the Gospel of Jesus Christ in action. I've recieved much love and care from so many friends, even strangers. One of the greatest securities is to know that you can show up amongst friends in any condition and know you will be well taken care of.

I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to reconnect with that boy who captured my heart in high school and spend time with him and his family in my hometown. I'm grateful for the opportunity to rebuild the friendship...and the joy it brings me.

I'm grateful for the patience of those around me. For their understanding of my state of mind, and my sometimes less than par attitude. And for their continued love and understanding.

I'm grateful for the gifts of Tolerance, Patience, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Knowlege, Empathy, Concern, and Peace. I know those around me have been blessed with an overabundance of these things for my benefit.

I'm grateful for prayer and the knowledge that I can talk my Heavenly Father and KNOW that he hears my cries and will answer my prayers. I'm grateful to know that in all my wrong doings he still wants me to succeed. He will meet me where I am in my time of need and give me the tools the endure whatever trials he places before me. I am grateful for trials and the refiner's fire they bring me through.

I'm grateful for my freedoms. Regardless of what people think of our Government we live in a country where we really do have the opportunity to succeed beyond measures of any other country. I'm grateful for government leaders, church leaders, leaders of large and small corporations that work to keep this country moving. What other country is the world is so grate that thousands of people are rushing to enter each day?

I'm Grateful for the Word of God and Scripture. Not must my scriptures but any good books that promote the righteous building up of the Kingdom of God. I'm grateful for anything that brings man closer to God the Father and his son Jesus Christ.

I'm grateful for a pioneering spirit! Hard times are soon ahead. I'm grateful for the ablility and skills I've learned in knowing how to function w/o the modern conveniences if need be. What a STRANG thing to be thankful for, huh? I'm VERY grateful I know how to be poor and live in humble circumstances when needed. If you are prepared you shall not fear.

I am grateful for the gift of being satisfied with my needs being taken care of. I'm not really interested in the latest and greatest tool, gadget or article of clothings this year. I am satisfied and finding joy in that satisfied. This doesn't by any means that I don't look for ways to improve and strive towards it. It does mean that throughout all these things going on around me, I know that I am a daughter of THE MOST HIGH GOD, and I trust he has a plan for me. I know God my Father has my situation all worked out and in my struggle to learn those things I need to get to that place, I know the journey is for MY benefit and I will find joy and gratitude in the journey regardless of how difficult it may be.

Many of us have reasons to be down and depressed this holiday season. I promise you that whatever you choose to focus on is what will grow. If you praise that which is good and magnify it, you will be ever blessed with it more great abundance. If you seek out those things which are down, depressing and negative, you will find yourself surrounded in more of it.
I testify to you all, That God is our Father. Jesus is our Savior. And men are that they should have joy. And that Joy is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has been restored to the earth.
The Lord loves us the same as he loved the early inhabitants of the world. The Lord gave them Prophets to guide them. Althought we are in periless times he does not love us any less. He would not leave us prophetless today. God Loves us so he sent his son, who organized his church upon the earth. HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW.

Through my struggles I am here to day that I am grateful for all that God has given me and I will not wait until my struggles are few to show that gratitude and testify of the Love and Goodness of The Lord.

I hope this holiday season, no matter what you find yourself in the midst of that we will all look around and see the great and many gifts in our lives and ever look for reasons to be grateful.


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