January 17, 2009

I Miss My Back Yard.

Utah got snow for Christmas. It was an obnoxious amount to fall all at once and left many of us snowed in. It was wonderful, I love it. It kind of reiterated itself for New Years. Today most of it's melted. Oh there's still plenty left but the "King of the Mountain" piles that the kids climb onto with their star wars light sabers and Harry Potter wands when the duel are slowling turning into hills and bumps of ice on the side of the road. When I bbq's last week the whole back yard was still snow covered to shin high. Today, the grass is showing in spots but there's also piles in the corner. The path to my gas grill is clear. I actually just went outside and fired her up for business.
Looking at the bare spot of yellow grass in the lawn made me realize how much I miss my back yard. I can't remember much of the time I spent out there last summer, but I've seen some groovy pictures of the parties we threw! As I looked around at the patio furnature and the umbrella with the chairs stacked on the side of the house, I get glimpses of party lights, food, and tents in my mind. And I start to miss my back yard.

It's not very big or luxurious but man, do I LOVE my back yard :)

And I can't wait to use it again.