April 10, 2008

I Had A Transplant!

It's true I had a transplant. No, not and implant although I am looking at having a reduction ;)
After 18 years I've left the "UC" (Utah County- Provo to be exact).
People in Utah call Provo "Happy Valley."
Where I come from happy valley is home of JoPa and the Nittany Lions! I Love JoPa! But that's a whole nother story.

Anyway, I guess they call it happy valley because that supposed to be the place in Utah where the strict goody-goody Mormons live as opposed to other part of Utah where anything goes as long as they sit in church on Sunday or at least on special occasion. ( Simmer down, I'm just kidding). There is a HUGE division in this state and the line is right off the point of the Mountain: the Salt Lake County and Utah County lines. It's also where the state is divided as to who Votes for UofU or BYU during football and basketball season. The "Holy War" rivalry doesn't just stop at college sports I'm afraid. There is a real HATE relationship going on much like the Hatfield's and McCoys or I should say for Montague and Capulet's for those snooty educated Utahns.

There's an automatic stereo type that comes with living in the U.C (Utah county) And the U.C retaliates with it's on stereotype of living in S.L (Salt Lake county).

Me? I've lived both places. I'm a transplant from the Midwest and to tell ya the truth... coming from outside of the state it's pretty much all the same to me "YEW TAW!" So it makes me laugh when I see this rivalry back in forth outside of college sports in which the BYU fans state "You can't spell "suck" without "U". And the UofU fans state "Y?"
It's pretty entertaining to watch.

I moved to a nice little neighborhood in South Jordan. I LOVE THIS NEIGHBORHOOD!

What I like best about it: It's an old school neighborhood. When I say old school, let me describe to you a scene from a couple Saturdays ago: It was about 70 degrees. My daughter and I were in the front yard planting my favorite flowers (callla Lillies). Everyone on my street waves! They don't need to know you, they just wave, cuz it's the polite thing to do. I look down the street and people are out riding bikes and scooters and skateboards. The park is full of kids playing soccer and other games. I took a walk down the street and came across a cauldesac where a group of small kids were playing ball in the middle of the street. I remember playing ball in the middle of the street! And there was a homemade ramp for jumping bikes, skateboards and roller blades and remote control cars. I remembered a few of my own homemade ramps as well. Suddenly a little 2 year old darts outta the house stark nekkid and into the yard doing his "free at last" dance squealing and running in circles! Late that evening groups of women were taking walks, laughing and enjoying each other's company while fathers were loaded up on bikes with a couple of kids in tow behind him.

I felt like I had stepped back about 30 years before game boys, PS2's, x boxes and cell phones. We were more people oriented and less gadgetly inclined. Back when you needed to talk to a neighbor, you took a little walk and knocked on their door. Had some people to people contact and got a little exercise as well. I LOVE IT!

I love that I live in a people oriented neighborhood. Although our gadgets make life easier to live and more convenient, I have a great disliking for how physically and socially lazy they make us. I think where people would rather deal with one another thru machinery than human touch, there is a problem. I think when people would rather read texts than hear a voice, there's a problem. I think when people would rather sit quietly next to each other and watch a movie or stare at some game with hand controls, then spend time with each other engaging in conversation or attentive communication, there's a problem. I'm not saying these things shouldn't and can't be done. I just think it shouldn't be the normal routine.

God gave us great minds and creativity for these thing to be invented. I don't think they're evil, or of the devil. I do think when we spend more time with them than people it becomes a strain.
I have seen families use these tools in moderation and have the greatest joy from them and each other. I have also seen these tools break up families and be the major source of contention. There should be, as in all things, a balance.

I love my neighborhood, but in a way I feel bad for my daughter, now 18 preparing for college. When she was younger, she had basketballs, roller blades, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, bikes and so forth. However to most of her friends, these items were foreign. So when she did go and play with them, it was with the computer and video games. Ultimately she would be home an hour or so later bored. She may as well come home and watch TV since that's pretty much what was going on anyway. I like the fact she would lose herself in reading books when there was no one to play with. I became the one to go out and play with her and I'm so grateful for those times. She kept me active and more healthy than I could have been. Now we've moved to the neighborhood I wished she could have been in as a child.

Moving to this neighborhood has made me take a look at myself and my old school ways. I miss them. I miss receiving real mail from those who took the time to sit down, write out their thoughts put it in an envelope and put a stamp on it. Sure email is fun. Texting is fun. But there's nothing like getting a letter in the mail or hearing the joy, concern, anger, love and friendship in the voice of someone you love.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna like this neighborhood and am reinstating some of those old ways of communication. So I AM having a transplant. I'm reinstating the personal touch, the human touch back into my communications with friends and family. It means more... at least to me!