October 30, 2007

Alrighty Then....................!

K, so it's 10 minutes after midnight.... early halloween! Some strange things have been happening the last couple hours:

I'm talking on the phone to my mom and suddenly there's a baby crying on my doorstep. At first I think it's just the neigbors passing though up the stairs, but the crying doesn't stop. Matter of fact it gets louder. So I poke my head through the blinds of the sliding class and there's this HUGE yellow cat. I really don't like cats. This thing was screetching like a hungry baby. I've never heard a cat sound like that before. And it was right on my front step. Weird.

Today, I saw one of the computer tech guys outside, in the rain and wind running through the parking lot hands raised with what looked like a tarp or partial parachute flapping in the wind behind him like a cape. I know I looked jack jawed and bugg-eyed. I looked around to see if anyone else was around to see it. Nope, no another person in sight, just me and the generic superman running through the company parking lot in the middle of the day. Weird.

Customer calls me today and asks.... "is your office closed tomorrow for the halloween holiday?"
I choked out a " ma'am we are regular business hours tomorrow..." and did my call closing routine and hung up before I burst out laughing on the phone. Weird.

Ok so for about the last hours, I've been hearing a whistle in my house. I check on my daughter and she's asleep so it's not her. There's no wind and the sound is not even coming from the window. My apts not really that big so it's not coming from some obscure place. It sounds as if it's starting in the living room. And then maybe from my bathroom, and then the hallway. It's coming from diffrent parts of the house. I thought maybe someone was outside the window in this office whistling for their dog or maybe that stupid cat. Nope, none of that was the case.
Besides, this isn't just any whistle. This is.. "THE FAMILY WHISTLE." Yes, tha's right our family has a whistle. (Doesn't everybody's?) If we're in a store or someplace and looking for each other we just send out that family whistle. When the other members of the family hear it, they whistle back and we just follow the sounds of the whistle. I thought maybe my daughter was playing tricks on me... but she is sound to sleep... and she doesn't even know the family whistle, that was an old time thing i do with my parents and siblings. When the neices and nephews want us, they just call on the cell phone anyways. I called my sister to see if she's playin tricks. She's not, she's 45 min away staying with friends. But as I was calling her the whistles started again. A sort of warmth ran through me. Then a chill. I was telling her what's going on.
"you know?" I said.... "come to think of it.. besides you and me lookin for each other in walmart the only one's I've really heard whistle the family whistle the most are Grandpa and Grandmother!"

Well, Grandmother passed away 20 years ago and Grandpa just joined her 2 months ago.

I wonder if they're playing "hide and seek" tonight for halloween? Weird.