October 24, 2006

Wyoming Cowboys Get the Boot!

For the first time in 3 years the Wyoming cowboys gave Colorado state the boot while getting the boot in return. In the 98th battle of The Border War long time rivalry against the two states. Wyoming shut out Colorado 23-0

*if you come across any pics of college football rivalry trophies please contact me. I'm trying to get a collection of as many pics and I can.

It's a great time to be from Michigan! Even though Im not there now I have the same excitement I know my homies do. University of Michigan holds true to their 8-0 football streak, although I must admit the Iowa Hawkeye's had me worried for a bit. The Spartain came back from a 31 point deficit to win over Northwestern. I must has I have a hard time feeling badley for a team that blows a 31 point lead. Even it if is generic trojans. The Detroit Tigers are in the World Serious. Tell ya truth I lost track ot the Tigers years ago. Is Mark "the bird" Fidritch still talking to baseballs on the mound? Even Western Michigan Football team in Kalamazoo (yes there is a placed called Kalamazoo) made ESPN. Couple that with the beautiful fall colors I know are blasting all over the place and the bite in the air at the high school football teams getting ready for homecomings and Halloween. It's all comes back to me, that sites, the smells, the goosebumps from the humid cold. Michigan always had Perfect football weather. I remember a few years ago sleeping on the futon in my daddy's basement up in Layton, Utah. It was the Michigan- Lucky Charm game (notre dam). It was slightly chilly so I had a blanket wrapped around me. I turned on the big screen TV. It was one of those the side of a wall in your basement. And the basement had surround sound and the sound was Clear as a bell. I turned on the game. I remembering closing my eyes, lying back and hearing the roar of the opening kick off. IT WAS JUST LIKE BEING IN THE BIG HOUSE! It was such an exciting rush! I'll never forget that day and what pride I felt being from the state of Maize and Blue Wolverines. Detroit Tigers. Michigan Wolverines. Great Lakes. Snap Crackle and Pop, Tucan Sam and Tony Tiger. Oh yeah, it's like that!

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Glen said...

I used to have a friend from Wyoming. I would give him all kinds of crap. It is about time they get their due. :) I have given up on SUU. I will still cheer them on but they kind of blew their little conference run.