November 28, 2006

"Trials still lay ahead, and beyond that, GLORY."

I always felt like the scape goat in the family. Me and my father tend to butt heads when I was younger, but I feel now as I get older, I wanna be a lot like him. Not totally like him, but a lot. I knew my daddy loved me, but I didn't really know that he liked me so much, until today :)

This is the email I got from him today on my birthday and later today came a bouquet of roses and tiger lilies. (See above photo) "Roses and Tiger lilies" you say, "what an odd combination" Yeah they're unique and beautiful... (just like me ;) (I've reduced personal names of family members to just Initials or nick names for obvious reason's but I'll allow my real name to stay) ok... On with the show:

Dear Karyn
I can't help but think of Jack Benny when the age 39 comes up. There is a slight difference in his calculations, having more than 39, 39 thBirthdays under his belt when he hit the happy hunting ground. Since I don't lecture any more, I just wanted to take a little time to stop and smell the roses as I ponder life that has brought us to this point.
You missed all the overseas stuff. No Germany, no Army, no glorious travel to distant lands. I had been working at Kellogg's only 3 months when you hit the scene looking like Grandma Gamble and with this sandy carrot top hair. What was up with that?! As a baby you had it pretty will made 'cause L was old enough to poke at your eyes, to see if they were real and could dunk you in the back yard swimming rubber thingy. E paid lots of attention to you by throwing you like a football and practice sliding into 2nd and Karyn base. Through it all, you gained a toughness that would help get them off your back, but more over, would help carry you through to where you are today.
You are defiantly not among the ordinary. Though you exhibit that rough exterior, here is a woman with the determination to do the right things in life and teach from the heart. The road (rod) is long and the Adversary is constantly trying to pull us in other directions. You have stayed the course and provided the best opportunities for you and your child, who would not have stood a chance, if taught by a lesser individual. You have planted good seed and given tender care, pointing in the right direction. I think of the many sacrifices you have made as a single mother, and I don't know half of what you went through, and what you own life expectations might have been. However you never placed yourself before your responsibilities. One reason is because you never treated your daughter like a responsibility or obligation. She was that extension of you that has a chance for the greater goal. If only I could have had the kind of understanding and commitment when you were created.
Although your word is far from being over, you have shown the kind of strength that allows us to endure.
Bless you on your 39th, and bless those whose hearts you have touched along the way. Trials still lay ahead, and beyond that, GLORY.


It's been basically a typical day. Nothing too bad at all. Nothing to great. There's something to be said about just having a Good simple day. Sometimes we don't appreciate them enough.
I woke up this morning thinking... "wow... 39 years.... what do i have to show for it?" Then here comes "big Al" , stumbling down the hall...looking like your mother "Pearl Jr." "Happy Birthday Lady!" she grins with a hug. That girl cracks me up! In ways I feel like the "Odd one". In other ways I feel like the "lucky one."
Those siblings of mine were preparing me for this tough old world. They taught me that "Life's not fair, but so what." You just keep doing what you have to do to accomplish what you need to accomplish.
My mother taught me to never give up.

You taught me: No matter what crappy things other people or the world throws at you, and no matter how you may not like somebody or something you keep doing the right thing. No matter what pain or anger someone has caused you.... do the right thing. There is no justification for doing what you know is wrong. Sometimes I react first and then think later. Sometimes it may take me a week or month to come around to doing the right thing...because I'm stubborn like that, but it's always there in the back of my mind.... and just a matter of time before my soul won't let me rest until I "git er done."
When accomplishing the many obligations I've had and the lessons I've taught and the firesides and talks I've given it has often been said... " She has been taught well, and has learned well, and is the example of..." I always give credit to You and Mom. And if I can pass that along to the "big Al" then I am happy with letting that be what I have to show for my years on earth.
It's been a tough few months. There have been days lately when I've wished I was a 2 year old and could just crawl into the arms of a parent and feel that safety and security and love. I guess we all have them days. And when things get that way... you forget to see what keeps you going and you start to lose your energy spiritually, emotionally and even physically.
You have been an answer to prayer today, and I'm not even surprised. I got your flowers today! What an awesome surprise, thank you!
And thanks for those lessons you have taught our family that will keep us strong, focused and doing the right thing.
My theme for this next year: " Trials still lay ahead, and beyond that, GLORY!"
Thank you daddy, for kicking my world back on track. I needed it.
I love you,
Karyn Michelle

I'm keeping my dad's words in a place where I can go back to them and draw strength.
This is why it's important to let others they mean something to you. You don't realise the life changing effect if can have on them.

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