May 13, 2007

What WAS I THINKIN....??????


So one of my good friends got surprised yesterday and had family drive in from Oregon. She hasn't seen this family for YEARS! Aunty Faye and family has arrived in UTAH!

Basically when something of this magnitude happens (at least in my culture) we have a HUGE party and the Matriarch will cook up a huge feast for family and friends.

Oh it made me soo homesick for Grandma and Papa and the cousins. Aunty Faye cooked up a STORM! And every thing homemade! She called me into the Kitchen to sample! (cuz you know I know a li'l sum'n sum'n about cooking and stuff)

She made this fried catfish that was AWESOME! Restaurant Quality. It was sooo goood! The bone head part? I only took a small bite of it. And when I say small I mean it was about 1 inch by 1 inch bite. Why, might you ask, would I only take such a small bite if it was SOO good?
I have SEVERE reactions when I eat catfish. We didn't find out the link to catfish til about 2 years ago and then it was just speculation. Who would have thought that such a small bite would send my stomach inside out? When I say severe I mean my body VIOLENTLY reacts. To the point where even when your stomach is empty..... it's still trying to purge up to 12 hours later, leaving me sprawled out on my bathroom floor huggin the porcelain God begging.... "please, Oh great porcelain one... there is NOTHING left to offer you but the bitter bile! My stomach is empty! Have mercy on me, PLEASE!!!"

yeah, I love you Aunty Faye! And you can cook some catfish like God make it personally for YOU and you alone to cook!

But I'm NEVER touchin' that stuff again!


Kipluck said...

HOW SAD IS THAT?! I mean, really Catfish can be either so bad or so good, when you get GOOD stuff and it still hates you that much?! TRAGEDY.

I had some HEAVENLY catfish in Texas.

ShaBANG said...

*sigh* Way tragic.

Sherpa said...

Okay, I just cried a little inside for you...and then I became very jealous. Fried Catfish is one of those dishes that just affirm that there is a God up there that loves me.