November 05, 2007

200 lbs of Red Potatoes!

300 lbs of red potatoes! That's what's in my "Bu" right now. "Bu" is the name of my car. And she's got 3/100 pound bags of potatoes in her back seat.
My supervisor at work mentioned her neighbor has a potato farm and is selling 100 pound bags of potatoes for 20$. That's a lot of funerals. I decided to get me a bag, or two. The third bag is for a friend. She likes potatoes!
I thought wow, I love me some red potatoes! And I have some friends who love them some red potatoes too! They probably wouldn't mind a pound or two.
I don't mind sharing with my friends and family. WOW 200 pounds. That's alotta potatoes! I can scallop them, au grauten them, fry them, bake them, mash em smash em. There's potato casserole, potato pancakes, potato chips. Ohhhhhh, cream of potato soup! I have the most amazing recipe for it! MMMM Cheesy cream of potato soup, even better. Potato logs, twice
baked potatoes.

Fries! Curly Fries! Seasoned curly fries! Potato dumplings. Potato Salad. German Potato Salad. HASH BROWNS :)

Let's think, some other things you can do with potatoes:
You can put it in someone's exhaust pipe, Drop it from the top of a skyscraper, play dodge ball with them. Mash them and have "snowball" fight! carve them into little sculptures and figurines, use them as stamps or stencil on artwork, I found a link for mashed potato cookies: I ain't trying it but if someone out there does, let me know. I hear if you mash them and make them stiff enough and add food coloring you can mold things: Mountains, ashtrays, cups, candy dishes. I guess if you let them sit long enough they will be the 'mold" thing. Bwahh haa haaa!
A long time ago one of my friends made a spud cannon! SPUDZUKA! Wow, or a catapult would be cool, and sling shot them at targets in a field. You could do that, but that would just be wasteful.

Potatos, potatos, Potatos. I LIKE POTATOS! "Specially the red ones. I feel sorry for you die hard atkins diet freaks! I like the atkins diet actually, but I know when to aktins and I know when to eat potatoes and this winter, is all about sharing the love of carbs.
You may think what in the world is she going to do with all those potatoes?

Welp lets see
I can give 200 friends 1 pound each. Or I can give 1oo friends 2 pound each. I can give 4 friends 50 pounds or, I can give 3 friends 50 pounds and keep 50 pounds myself. I can make potato starch alcohol and sell it in the back woods of Benjamin :)

I could build a model of the solar system with potatoes. Someone suggested I make the world's largest potato salad and get in the guinness book of world records. I could invite all my friend over for a potato bar dinner. Hey, just bring the toppings, I have the potatoes.

What can you top a potato with?
Chili, cheese, and chili-cheese, sour cream, ranch dressing, bacon, cream of mushroom soup, gravy, cream chip beef, cream of chicken, taco meat and other taco fixins, broccoli and cheese sauce, Chicken ala king, Delux that baby out with green onions/sour cream/cheese/bacon/chives, cubed steak/onion/mushrooms, stroganoff, chicken ala king!

WOW. You can do so much with potatoes, who knew?

MMMM! Potatoes. Guess what my friends are getting for Christmas? :)

What would YOU do with 200 lbs of red potatoes?


Jesse Harris said...

It's time for gnocchi. Lots and lots of gnocchi. Not only is gnocchi tasty, but it can be dried and stored like any other pasta. You could also make potato flour to store for breads and other doughs (like pizza).

If I were looking to eat them sooner rather than later, spatzle is a good option as is potato salad. Whenever I have too many potatoes, I'll go nuts with a round of home fries and store the leftovers in the fridge. They reheat well for an easy addition to any breakfast.

ShaBANG said...

mmmmmmm! I KNEW you were a potatoe lovin man! Potato Lovers UNIT and Let there be SPUDZ!

I've heard tell of this gnocchi but have never attempted it. Me thinks it may be time.... :D

Laura said...

Shabang, have you been brain washed? Reading your post just partially brain washed me. What's the dealio?

ShaBANG said...

Laura, I know! Did that not make you want to go out and eat some nice creamy potatoey thing covered with lots of cheese? MMMM! We should meet 1/2 way between here and there one saturday and I'll bring you some! I miss you my sister!

Laura said...

I actually did go eat something potatoey and cheesy :-S Baked Potato soup. Dang you and your brain washery!
We might be able to meet up over Thanksgiving. We'll be in Lehi for a couple of days.

Kipluck said...

Idaho should hire you as their new ad campaign girl!

ShaBANG said...

LEHI???? REALLY????? wow, that's like 20 minutes away! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH SNAP! Let me know your plans for that weekend and we'll see about getting together, that would be awesome.

Kippy, I actually LOVE to do markting stuff. Idaho should be so lucky to have me as their Tater tot :)

Jason Randall said...

Shrimp soup. Shrimp stew. Shrimp Sandwiches......

200 lbs of potatoes?!


Jason Randall said...

Jesse and I are from the south - potatoes and red meat are who we are!

ShaBANG said...

I have the most amazing baked potato soup recipe. Holla if y'all want it!