November 15, 2007

Don't Get It Twisted

...And don't let my absence fool you.

I own the Sandbox, all the marbles and other toys in it.

Don't start no stuff, wont be no stuff.

Take your insecurities and Jealousy and be off with you, little one.

Love encourages respect, trusts, and brings peace, not selfishness, manipulation and frustration.

Desperation in such an ugly thing to witness

I will not be moved or stayed

I will not be controlled.

In my time and on my terms

Time and Distance are best friends

I will act out of love for those I do love.

Those who love me will act from their love for me.

My people will do what is right, regardless of the wrong pressed upon them

I am Wonderful, Gorgeous, Fun, Amazingly Talented, Spiritual, Obnoxious, Loud, Crazy.

Kids and puppies Adore Me... as they should.


Consider me a threat.... a force to be reckoned with.

(Don't make the ghetto chick come out in me again.... y'all hear?)

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