January 10, 2008

What World IS This????

I'd like to know what world did I step into and can I stay for a while????
That last month has been absolutely incredible. It started with the Christmas Holidays filled with so much peace and happiness, at least for me and the majority of my friends. And it's gained even more momentum! And if I had my way, the momentum would not stop there it would increase into one big gigantic snowball and consume everyone I love along the way! Ummm, but not in some psycho kind of way.
As mentioned before my mother called me Monday morning to let me know my Aunt Anna passed away and that my grandmother was probably not too far behind. (Grandma and Anna are Sister's) It reminded me of a few years ago when I had 9 friends and family members pass away within a 12 month span. 6 of them within 60 days and 4 of them within 3 weeks. Although we can't control when people leave us in this life, you hope for the best and that things like this will be at a minimum.
Although I was a little down from the family news I decided to react differently than to slip into a small state of depression and grieving and so on. There's a typical attitude and pattern I have when death confronts me and quite frankly I'm sick of it. I new healthy outlook for death and even LIFE if what was in order. I was quickly forgetting the feelings and goals we made at Christmas.

Tuesday evening I began to get funny little phone calls from my sister. It was the last 30 minutes of my working day and I don't typically answer my cell. I answered and she sort of in a demanding tone asked a me question I wouldn't typically give over the phone nor would i particularly give to anyone else. But she's my older sister, so it was no big deal. A few minutes later she called me back. I couldn't get to the phone but I called her back. She asked for my zip code. I gave it and was asking her what's going on when she said...
"gotta go..." and hung up.
A few minutes later she called me again as I'm walking out of my building for work...
" Hey, what's your SSN?"
And me, being curious give it to her.
"what are you doing?" I demanded!
" Can't talk Im BUSY!" she said... "
I could hear our other sister in the back ground saying....
"girl, just stop trippin and let us do what we're doing..."
And then the line went dead. I jumped in my car and headed home. I decided to call back.... The phone rang.
" Hey what's up?" said my sister.
I was starting to get annoyed...
"Ok, you call me for my ssn, zip code, street address, verify my birth year.... WHAT IS GOING ON?" I demanded.
To which she said. "I can't talk right now..." and hung up again.
"SHE GOT SOME NERVE!" I said to myself.
By this time I'm at home trying not to fume. "ok FINE WHATEVER!" I said to myself and sat in the middle of my living room floor pouting.
I had walked in, took off my coat, kicked off my shoes and just sat in the middle of the floor quietly: No tv. No Radio. No Noise and a small side lamp on. I was waiting. For what, I'm not sure. I let my mind drift off to a friend and the Chaos around his life right now. I'm concerned for him and focusing on others helps my own issues seem lessened. I guess it could be worse, I said to myself. I just sat and listened... To my heart... the voices in my head assuring me... the clock tick.... And then my phone rang.
It was HER again.
"Hello!" I said.
" I need you to write down a number for me...." She said.
"mmmmm hmmmmm.... " I mumbled... "what is it."
She gave me the number. It was actually familiar.
"what are you up to??" I asked... curiously.
"Well I need you to call the number tomorrow after 9 am and tell them you want the title sent to you in less than 30 days." She said.
"WHAT?? What does that even mean" I said
"Just do it after 9am tomorrow" she said giggling.
"Will they know what that means even if I don't? I asked.

She laughed and said... "yeah, they'll know. And if you think about it you'll figure it out..."
And I said.... "figure what out? What are you talkin about ?"
She asked me if I was driving still and I told her I was sitting on the floor... and then I hard my other sister saying
"I can't wait, give me the phone..." And then she jumped on the line and said..

"girl, call that number tomorrow and tell them you want them to send the title to your car as soon as possible... cuz it's not their title anymore..."

"who's car am I driving?" I shrieked in a high pitch voice.... all i need is to be getting in a wreck with someone Else's car... I was thinking...

"Cuz I don't get the title for another year and half....." I was saying...

"Girl, as of about 7 minutes ago It's YOUR CAR! It is now paid off!" I couldn't believe it!

"WHAT??? HOW? WHEN? WHY? WHO?" I was stammering.....

"Girl, we have been trying to get this done for you for the last 2-3 weeks. Have you noticed you haven't had a bill for 2 months? Your daughter had to catch the mail and steal it and give me the info of it and...." My mind was screaming. I couldn't hear a thing she said after that because my mind was screaming.....I couldn't breath..... WOW....... just WOW!

4,200. worth of dept... Obliterated. Gone!. No more. WOW!

She would have to fill me in on the details later because I could not comprehend or process what was going on. I hung up and found myself in the middle of my living room floor sobbing and shaking. I look up and gave a HUGE shout out the Man Upstairs. That feeling, that feeling we held around Christmas was back! I call my mom. Explained to her what just happened.
"as much as you take care of everyone else WHY are you so surprised?" I wasn't sure why. My family just sort of rolls that way.... doing thing kind of thing for those we care about. I think it's ingrained in our DNA. My sister said.... "shoot, I'm just having me some fun doin all this." I know exactly what she means. It's why I do it as well.... to see the joy in others. And THEN she let me in on ANOTHER surprise she's got brewing. I'm Soo excited to pull this one off! Keep the ball rollin, right?!

Can someone please tell me... "WHAT WORLD IS THIS????"

This year is a good year to be in my care Cuz I'm keepin the ball rolling and inviting people to step into my world! Start a ball rolling where you are and make this the year of the Ball.


wdwbobbie said...

Blessings, blessings everywhere!!

Laura said...

Wow! WHat a brilliant way to start your year! Gotta love sisters!

Kipluck said...

WOWWIE! It's a good thing you are trusting. I am so mean and untrusting I was thinking as I read "OOOH! Don't give her that info, she is trying to trick you some how!" EVEN THOUGH SHE IS YOUR SISTER! How crazy is that? I am not very nice.


ShaBANG said...

HAHA! Kip we are more alike than you think. I haven't always been so nice and I really am NOT that nice. But I do have someone who is teaching to be better, so that always helps :)