April 24, 2008

PuZzLeS hAvE mE pUzZlEd

Around January everything felt so up in the air. Just about every aspect of life was coming together and then something happened the end of January that just blew into my world like a tornado. I saw Dorothy, the wicked witch, even poor little toto.

Not it's the end of April and the peices of this puzzled called my life have dropped from the air and landed. I'm gathering those peices and putting them back together.

As I'm putting together the items that are fitting into place I'm noticing something strange....

The peices that have landed are NOT the same peices that were up in the air in the first place.

There are some faint remnants of the old peices but it's a whole new puzzle I'm putting together.

But the scenic view on this puzzle... totally better than what I threw in the air.

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check back on my puzzle building skillz :)

1 comment:

Desi said...

I don't even remember how I found your Journal of A Black Mormon Girl blog, but I had it in my favorites and for some reason clicked on it today. Maybe because I was supposed read this post. I loved it. I think I need to just throw the puzzle pieces up and see where they fall, because I could use some help putting my puzzle together, and who better to help then Heavenly Father?

Oh and there is no way you are old enough to have an 18 year old daughter!