February 20, 2010


What an AMAZING first week at the olympics. I must admit I'm Missing Jim McKay right now. I may be showing my age but he will ALWAYS be the voice of the Olympics to me. He Reported for 12 Olympics. This was when they would have the winter olympics, then 4 years later the Summer. They were held 4 years apart and not 2 years apart.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the 0lympics this last week and am looking forward to the rest of them next week. What a great historical time for not only the U.S.A but for many other countries winning first medals ever in many events, breaking winning records in single disciplines and country records. It's great to be a part of this even from a spectator point of view.

I think some of my favorite moments were watching Bode Miller's return. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even know he was on the team. After his showing in Torin I just figured he's fade away but I am proud to see him doing so well ESPECIALLY after 2006. He's come back with a lot of grace and grit and still as Sexxy as ever. It just FEELS good to watch Bode in action.

There's a large amount of Olympians from the 2 states I call home. Michigan has 16 and Utah has 51. That's a pretty Great showing.
After 2002 many Olympians around the world now call Utah Home we do boast the "GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" It's nothing to run into Apolo Ohno, or Torah Bright while out and about. It's really pretty cool, like an Olympic Hollywood! Having the Olympics here in 2002 wans UH MAY ZING! And every 2 years that OLYMPIC FEELING returns, even for the summer Olympics. It truly is UH MAY ZING!

I watched a few events I had no interest in prior to this year: Ice Skating. It really is more technical then you would think. Curling. I'm sold. I watched the U.S.A womens vs Germany Session. It's pretty tough and strategic. Im sold! I think Speed skating short track is my new favorite. Never really heard or paid attention to it before 2002. Did anyone? It really is like Ice Derby: anything can happen and it does. It's kinda spooky watching JR Celzic and Apolo Ohno... I wonder if Ohno feels like he's looking at a shadow of his younger days?

What is UP with with that Luge, Skeleton, Bobsleigh Track at Whistler? They call it 50/50. Ain't NO WAY I'm bout to go down a track where you have a 50% chance of crashing. It would seriously mess with my head and Confidence, Especially after death of Nodar Kumaritashvili from Georgia. I Feel so deeply for his family. I cant Imagine raising an Olympian, sending him off to play and them passing away. So SO sad. I feel for his teammates as well. Emotionally I would be so messed up I don't know how they do it.

I'm excited to see Shani Davis perform this year. I think he got a bum wrap last year and his mama didn't help. SORRY CHERIE DAVIS! I know you trying to protect him, and sorry Shani I know you love yo mama. Sometimes Stage moms should be off the stage and seen but not heard. But I get it Ms Davis. I'm a single black Mama my self and although I didn't raise and Olympian, however I DID raise a Champion!

Shani looks so much more relaxed and as if he's enjoying himself this year. I hope he is! The olympics are hard hard work but man wouldn't be sad to look back at your medals and think... I wish I would have enjoyed myself and the experience more as well? Have yourself a ball Shani and good luck!

Don't you Love Julia Mancuso's Tiara? LOVE IT! I would be rocking the Tiara if I were there for sure.

And congratulations to China's gold medal, HISTORIC GOLD MEDAL, for figure skating pairs? I love the Love story as well behind that gold.

OH, So I watched the Cross country and Biathlons this year for the first time. WOW.
USA we are just NOT great cross country folks at all are we? No wonder we're all shocked at the Silver won by Johnny Spillane.

Anyway I am absolutely LOVING These Olympics!U.S.A is having a Historical time and hopefully so is the rest of the countries.

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