September 28, 2006

If Someone Shows You Who They Are... Believe Them.

I don't know about y'all but I think it's deep. I met some people the other day. They were...asses. Plain and simple. My one friend was saying.... they really are nice people. Did she forget I'm the one she vents to about them? When I told her she sounded desperate for friends she got upset. I finished up with... " if they are all that great, then I dont call me no more venting about them." I dont know what they showed her to get her to believe them otherwise, but they showed me they're complete asses...and I "believe them." Some people really are exactly who you see: Good, bad, ugly, beautiful and whatever else there is out there. Sometimes ya just gotta call it like you see it. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck.... then holla AFLAC and call it good. (yeah I stole that line from Madea. So what, I LIKE MADEA. I want my grandkids to call me MADEA. *my daughter already does call me Madea*) I think in our efforts to alway believe there is good in all people clouds our vision of knowing when to drop kick some butts outta your life. I believe country folk say... first time shame on you, second time shame on me? Yeah, it's like that. The bible says to turn the other cheek. Well I only got 4 and once you've used up 2, that's usually it. I keeps me a pair and 2 spares. Now on occasion I have tried to drop kick some people outta my life but God himself thumped me and let me know I was not supposed to be done with these people. Well it ain't much you can do when that happens except accept it. Small doses. There's always gonna be people in your life that are Shot glass people. Sometimes you need them around. Shoot, everyone needs a shot glass of SOMETHING now and again. I'm not talking about liquor either. Anyway.... if you don't hear anything else I'm tell you right now, here this: If someone chooses to show you who they are....BELIEVE THEM. release the the peace.


Kipluck aka: BethAnn, Bob, Mayberry said...

You so ARE Madea.

Anonymous said...

Amen, sistah. I never was one to take that Pollyanna view of the world that everyone's just really nice people doing their best.

Some people are just jerks. And should be treated as such.


Laurie said...

I Love Madea, but I just think you are so much cooler than her, because your heart is quite a bit softer. Otherwise, I trust that if my husband were cheating on me and booting me out, you'd show up with a chainsaw.


ShaBANG said...

I would make dayum sho u get yo half ;)

Jesse said...

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for seeing the good in people. Even so... jerks do a pretty good job of covering it up.

Ruby G said...

"Some people are just jerks. And should be treated as such."

I disagree. I think the golden rule still applies to "jerks". We should still treat people with the same common courtesy we'd like to be treated without letting them into our lives.

I totally Agree Shabang, I've got my own personal motto: "don't tell me how you are, show me."

Buffie the other ANONYMOUS said...


WYSIWYG= real life.
Sometimes people put up a front but I am blessed. I can always see passed that. I always know when I am being snowed. Do I always bail? NOPE.. sometimes I give second and third chances but on them days when there is NOT a moment of patience left.. YOU GON GIT CHO ASS CHEWED OR KNOCKED DFO!
Kayders.... YOU had a Madea and so you can't help being like her. I had a very NICE pair of grannies and their asses are dead today because of being doormats. ** no disrespect but we're calling DUCKS DUCKS right?**
I admire their charitable loving self but it killed them and I believe that literally. Now I am not saying be a STONE CHICK but sometimes you hafta pull out that tough exterior and say NEXT in any way the perp will understand.
And you're right to tell your friend "DONT CALL ME WHEN THEY DAWG YOU OUT"
I often say that.
"Do something about it or shut the hell up cuz I am sick of hearing about it." In my own life when I find too manycomplaints on the same issue, I take my own advice. I shut up or do something about it. I really do think my dear , patient, loving friends get sick of that type of thing as much as I do. I wished more people would take owness for their inability to weed out TOXIC people and behaviors and seek help rather than boo-hooing to me all the time about their misery. Shoot... I have a BUCKET FULL of my own woes and misery to weed through. Continued blessings to you Kayders... I love ya.

ShaBANG said...

"Do something about it or shut the hell up cuz I am sick of hearing about it."

Right now, I need to say...

Notice I have on my page "buttprints in the sand?"
yeah, it's like that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

hey which madea play is that line from?

ShaBANG said...

This comes from the play: "Madea Goes To Jail"

Anonymous said...
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