September 24, 2006


Did y'all used to think that the weekend was for resting from all you did during the week and then having a little free time to kick with family and friends? Yeah, I was under that impression too. Jokes on us? The weekend is like home work. Remember how it was when you went to school and did school work all day and then went home and had to do homework to finish up you school stuff? Yeah, it's like that. The weekend comes and you rush around finishing up what you forgot to do or couldn't to during the: Pay bills, scrub floors, laundry, mow the lawn, return phone calls, work on that lesson for Sunday school or some project due at work next week. The weekends but the work doesn't end.

We need the weekend AND the Workend.

What if we broke down the week like : Moneyday ( pay bills) Toolsday (fix anything that needs it) Wisdomday ( Schedules, presentations,) Thorough day (finish up what you didnt do M-W) PhysDay (all the physical back breaking work and sports things) And then Saturday (SatuRound all day) and Sunday (Sunned myself all day). That wouldn't Work though, because bills become due on Thorough day and little Timmy's rained out soccer game would be played on Wisdomday and there there'd be an even bigger mess of the week.
Ok so here's what I propose: We have 9 days in a week, M-F is typical work week. And then we have the weekend.But as we said earlier, the week may end but the Work doesn't end. Those days after Friday can be called, Catchupday and Finishday. Catchup day you catch up on all the stuff you didn't get done M-F and then Finishday you finish all the stuff you got caught up on. So we have the Weekend, then the Workend, And then SatroundallDay and Sunnedmyselfday aka Saturday and Sunday.
Oh, even better! The whole Town Shuts down on Saturoundday and Sunnedmyselfday. Only parks and unsupervised recreation area's are open those days. That way the whole world could Saturound and Sunthemselves.

Maybe I'm on to something.

All in favor?
*closing eyes.....* Any opposed!

If you could add 2 extra days to the week, would you?
What would you call them and how would you use them?


Laurie said...


Oh my, what a FUNNY play on words!!

Yes, I need two more days of the week. I need some sort of a socialday where I can meet up with my friends because, as you said, the weekends seem to diaappear all too quickly.

Satarounday is my favorite suggestion, though. Hilarious!

Jesse Harris said...

I'm in favor of legislation to extend the week to 9 days and the day to 30 hours. Then I *might* be able to get stuff done. As it is, our house maintains a "just above white trash" level of cleanliness. It's a fine art.

Anonymous said...

There just aren't enough days in the weekend.

But I love the name changes.


Ruby G said...

2 extra days? I think I'd use them for the same uses I use the weekend already.. procrastinate and play!