October 08, 2006


A few weeks ago I was watching my Michigan Wolverines from Ann Arbor play the leprechaun team from South Bend Indiana. As my team was well ahead going just about 1/2 way through the 2nd quarter, I decided I would take a little nap. Knowing myself I figured I would wake up right about time to see my wolverines finish devouring their bowl of lucky charms.
I sat back in my easy chair recliner and started to drift off into what I could feel was going to be a fabulous nap. I hit that stage where you're deep in relaxation but can faintly hear what's going on around you. Next thing you know I hear the leprechaun fight song. I snap awake with feelings of piss-ocity. I was slightly miffed. Hearing that song can only mean one thing: Touch down for the leprechauns. Except it wasn't the touchdown that miffed me. Wolverines were far enough ahead that we had this game in the bag anyway before it was even half time.
Now on football saturdays you'll find me on the phone alot with my brother and sister. We discuss, rant, rave and do our armchair coaching on the cellulars.
Flashback to high school: My high school team was called the Bearcats and our colors were blue and gold. This prolly explains my love for the U of M maize and blue. Well and the wolverines are just too cool. I mean dig that flashy helmet at the top of the page! Our fight song goes to the tune of "On Wisconsin" Our arch enemy and cross time rivals were the Spartans. Their colors are purple and white and their fight song is that of "the fighting irish march." It gets better. My beloved grandmother was a bearcat! Her eldest son, my dad, was a spartan. (po thang) He would go around singing that song in a house full of bearcats so we knew the words and knew them well. Check this...the last game of the season, when the bearcats would play the spartans, my ghetto daddy would wear his purple and white and cheer for his alma mater while sitting in the blue and gold seats in support of his sons. SHAMELESS!
Back to that song. To me that song represents everything I loath about the high school rivals. They were the snotty rich kids and everytime they we played them there were police escorts, extra security, cans and bottles being thrown at the buses, name calling.... everything you need to make for a good Friday night high school football game. I can remember being in the grocery store the year they made state playoff's and one of our guys going up to one of their guys saying.. "we want you to know that the Bearcats are routing for you." To which the Spartan said..."we dont need your freakin support!" So that song reminds me of that day and how shallow our cross town rivals really were.

Anyway, so I snap out of my nap upon hearing that song and I call my brothers who was also watching the game. Now my brother was a football star in high school. He played offense and defense and was scouted out by serveal of the big colleges. He had a chance at a good football career, but made different life choices. Anyway, I call my brother and say..."man, I was drifting off soo good into la la land until i heard that fight song. I CAN'T STAND THAT SONG!"
And then he says... "I can't stand that song either...and i dont even know why!" Now this took me by suprize. I couldn't tell if he was just kidding. Then he says.. "I never did like Notre Dame's fight song it just always rubbed me the wrong way.." So I say... "well, because it was Lakeview Spartans fight song and everytime we heard it it meant the rivals scored points." He said..."that's not the spartan fight song.." I started to laugh cuz he just don't know. Then I said...."ask your sister..." my sister was in the room with him... He says to her..." hey, what's the Lakeview spartan fight song?" She begins to sing their fight song lyrics to the tune of the leprechaun fight song. And then my brother says... "OH SNAP! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I never paid attention to their song, I just went in and played my games." I fell out laughing. 23 years after high school he figures it out. WHAT A BONEHEAD!!!!
Wait there's more!
My dad is Michigan State Spartan fan. He was a spartan as a kid and will die a spartan fan. I think my sister likes them too. My brother and I are Univeristy of Michigan Wolverines fans. We were blue and gold as kids and will die Blue and Gold fans. Today, the Spartans and the Wolverines played for the Paul Bunyon Trophy (see previous blog about college rivalry trophy's) Guess who won?
And the rivalry lives on....!

****PROPS TO THE BYU COUGARS! I dont even care too much for the cougars but I promised I'd be supportive this year. I even won Tickets to today's game. They beat SDSU 47-17. Wasssup wit dat????? Rah Rah Rah *cough... cough... cough...!* (sorry, must be the wolverine in me choking on that fight song.... but hey I tried)


scromie said...

So, guess what? There's a great picture from either the LA Times or the Daily Bruin I think which has a Bruin linebacker standing over a Trojan player motioning to help him up. The Trojan player flips the dude the bird. Totally classless....I HATE the Trojans!!!

ShaBANG said...

FOREALS??? I must see it! That would be hilarious!

Anonymous said...

haha i go to lakeview and i love notre dame what do you think of that?! hahaha

Anonymous said...

P.s my boyfriend and i both plan on attending notre dame and anything blue and gold can kiss my ass :)

ShaBANG said...

My dear Friend Anonymous. I think it's WONDERFUL that you go to my high school rival of Lakeview and that you love Notre Dame. Typically I don't squabble with high school kids for obvious reasons. But you are just special enough to warrant a response. I want all my friends to see what kind of education my high school rivals afford their students.

A lakeview spartan, typical, hating on anything blue and gold. "Anything Blue and Gold can kiss my ass" she says. YET she is going to Notre Dame, with her boyfriend. I hope at Notre Dame they will teach you not to say things like... "anything Blue and Gold can kiss my ass..." And then teach you not to go to a college whose school colors are... you guessed it.. .BLUE AND GOLD! That's right, Lakeview... the official colors of Notre Dame are that of MY high school Battle Creek Central AND that of Michigan Wolverines..... BLUE AND GOLD!

Good Luck with High school diploma from Idiot High School... Oh, and that master at Notre Dame. Don't forget to put your head between your legs and Kiss your own behind when you get there!!

Signed Frisky, the Battle Creek Central Bear Cat Mascot!