November 17, 2006


On November 28Th. I will turn 39 years old. (yeah I know I look awesome for an old lady!)

Here's a good chance to learn at least 40 Krazy things about Kaydee.

1. I Love My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
2. My Daddy delivered me when I was born
3. I used to have a herniated navel and looked like a little boy til I was about 4 years old
4. I love the snow
5. But I get hives if I play in it
6. So I took up playing the violin...but only for a year
7. I was an art major in college
8. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up
9. I like to give things away
10. I'm too loyal sometimes to people who aren't loyal to me
11. I'm scared to fly since 9/11
12. I can't sing but I'm always singing and dancing while doing house work
13. I have 9 siblings if you count the step-siblings
14. My favorite flowers are Calle Lillies
15. I'll dance by myself on the dance floor
16. I have a groovy Daughter that teaches me more than anyone I know
17. I take my emotions too seriously
18. I am an impressive cook.
19. I snort when I laugh really hard
20. Sometimes I'll laugh till I get bad stomach cramps or throw up
21. I'd rather go thru 9 months of childbirth, 12 hours of labor and deliv than throw up once!
22. Def Lepard is my favorite band of all times
23. And their one arm drummer inspires me to "go for it" when I'm down.
24. I'm addicted to chicken! (I'm gonna grow wings one day, I know)
25. I'm scared of Spiders, Snakes, tight spaces and the sight of dead bodies, coffins and hursts.
26. I hate people who suck up and brown nose.
27. I will over analyse a situation until I think it's solved.
28. I always have an urge to flip the bird or stick out my tongue when I take pictures
29. I love college football! (go Michigan Wolverines)
30. I' broke my left ankle 3 times: Play'n jump rope, steppin' off a curb, walkin' down steps
31. I can make money cooking my favorite recipes
32. My favorite color is the color of shrimp
33. I love taking pictures
34. But I suck at it!
35. I like to create traditions with friends and family
36. My favorite TV show is One Tree Hill. I watch it with my daughter
37. I want a puppy doggie sooo badly :(
38. I want more kids too :S
39. I'm afraid to be in a serious relationship
40. I can forgive anything. ANYTHING! But I won't put up with feeling disrespected

And now. here are 40+ things I want to do before I'm Forty!

Read 40 books
Drop 40 pounds
Walk/run 40 miles
Visit 40 different places
Pick 40 people to remember in special way
Learn 40 new things to do
Read 40 full books of Scripture
Decrease 40 hours a month TV/computer time
Forgive 40 times
Compliment 40 times
Spend 120 hours enjoying Nature( 40 x 3)
Take 40 Great Photo's
Put into play 40 great ideas
40 hours of service
Write and mail 40 letters
write 40 pages in a Journal
really learn about 40 relatives
Do 40 pieces of creative art/craft work
Save 40$ a month
Drop 40 negative things from my life

(twenty Things to do at least once )

rock climbing
cliff jumping
Catch a fish or hunt
cook and eat wild game
fun raiser
help build a house or refurbish a house
learn to change my oil (other car maintenance)
Sew an outfit
Build a quilt
tubing (water and snow)
Attend a semi pro or Pro sporting event
Meet Julez!!!!
travel part of the Oregon trail
Visit nationally Historic place I haven't seen before
learn to cook an exotic dish /delicatessen
Sell one of my recipes
Sell one of my t-shirts
Host a big FABULOUS party!

*Well there you have it! Starting Midnight November 28Th, It's ON! November 28 2007 we'll all meet up at some FABULOUS party and see how well I did. I'll try and take as many pictures as I can.
Some of you have opted to join me in some of my efforts and I say... the more the betta! How will you be fabulous next year?


Kipluck aka: BethAnn, Bob, Mayberry said...

I know you hear this about 4000000 times, but seriously, you are smart and cool enough to be 40 but still look like your daughter's sister.

ShaBANG said...

Thanks girl! I used to hate looking so young, but No anymore. I'm happy to flaunt my age now. Although my attitude HAS been that of a 16 year old lately ;)

Laurie said...

You are wonderful. I'm SO GLAD we're friends.

And by the way, I can totally help you out with a couple of those "to dos". :)

ShaBANG said...

I'm totally gonna take you up on that, Lauri!

kiss that baby boy for me~