March 28, 2007


A few of my peeps have decided to give each other summer to do list! (Thanks Laura, I LOVE THIS!)
It's a list of things to do this summer. Fun things! Cheap things! Different things! Legal things! Moral things! Bring it on. This idea came at just the right time. I got news on Monday that I'll be unable to attend what was to be the Highlight of my summer. A Family Reunion in North Carolina, complete with dinner cruises and all sorts of other great things. *sigh* Although it wont be the same, the opportunity of doing some fun and different things is exciting.
I have a list of my own which I'll post, so that my friends doing the list for me won't duplicate.

Midnight drag races
Water tubing
Bonfire/Foil dinners in the canyon
write letters to my neices and nephews
Make and fly my own kite
Cosmic Bowling
Watch a movie on the side of building
have a cartoon & eat cold cereal party
Make a reusable grocery bag (paper destroys trees and plastic destroys the environment)
learn to do some kind of car maintenance.
Dance in the rain
have an all night movie marathon
Have a passionate kiss
find an old friend
learn a new song in sign language
catch a fish
sleep under the stars
go to the batting cages.
Share my favorite Jamba Juice
Glam out for no reason
Go to a dance club
shoot some hoops
make ice cream
bake pound cakes
get crafty
Go to the drive in ALOT!
find a new dish to cook
go to a grand opening
try the samples while grocery shopping. (that actually annoys me, but hey it's a new world)
Celebrate an usual holiday
Go to a county/ city or state fair.
Play video games ( I typically don't like them, but hey... it's a new world)
play with fireworks
take someone's kids for the day and play!
Take a 1 day road trip someplace unplanned and new
find 5 state historical markers and learn about them
Put bubble bath in a public fountain :) (that's legal, right?)

Got any other suggestions? Holla!


Laura said...

You've already got some of my challenges kind of on your list...

- Make 1 new recipe each week.
- Make ice-cream in a bag (recipe to follow)
- Read The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants Books.
- Visit 2 different states.
- Host Movie Night once a month and invite atleast 1 person you don't know so well each time.
- Make wax grave stone rubbings with Wee Bang...

Laura said...

You can shred plastic grocery bags and crochet them into a reusable bag...