March 28, 2007

When Hell Freezes Over....

When hell freezes over clean the snow off your vehicles!!!!
No one should have to spend their morning commute to work behind the abominable snow truck: The back, top and sides of the car totally plastered with snow while creeping at a painfully slow pace of 25 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour zone leaving a blinding stream of a blizzard behind them. It affects the vision of everyone else. I’ve had sheets of ice fly back on my window and car as well as zero visibility all because some idiot is too lazy to clean their car off.
You can’t see through the snow unless you have X-Ray vision. And if you DO have x-ray vision use it to melt snow off your car!
Why these people would want to increase the danger of driving in already hazardous conditions is beyond me. It is Lazy. It is dangerous. It is selfish and you could be responsible for damaging or taking a life. IT IS THAT SERIOUS!!!

Read the following stories:

I’m in favor of a bill that fines people who are this kind of lazy. I’m also in favor of insurance companies getting in on this action too.

Now we all know that last night it snows, so take these points from the sources at

“Now, if you haven't been smart enough to do so already, clean the snow off the rest of the car. Why? Because the rest of the snow will either (A) slide off the roof and cover your windshield as you're slowing down; or (B) fly off onto someone else's windshield and causing him or her to smash into you. That's not enough of a reason? Fine. Here's another: (C) it's the law in many states that your vehicle must be clear of snow and ice.

And my advice? Don't wait til Hell freezes over to clean the snow off your car!


Bobbie said...

AMEN woman, AMEN!

Kipluck said...

INDEED! However, can I just say I LOVE having a carport? I have never had one, or a garage, at any apartment I have lived before moving to this one. And I LOVE my car not getting snowed on over the night!

ShaBANG said...

YES! I now have a carport too! But when I didn't. My car was spic and span of snow.