April 09, 2007


Who knew hitting would give you such a rush! Went to the batting cages on Saturday and smacked the devil outta some softballs. MAN! It felt sooooooo gooood. I seriously could have been there a couple of hours. Out of 150 pitches, I think I missed only9. Not bad for not having picked up a bat in about 3 years. I think I found a new way to relieve some stress . The inside of my right hand is absolutely black and blue from hitting fast pitches with a slow pitch bat. By mid day you could see the bruising on my hands and thumb. My thumb was twice it's size. I had it on ice most of the day Saturday and some of the day yesterday. It's bruised on the front AND back of my hand but it works so all is good. Guess this week I'll be hunting for a couple of bats and hitting gloves.
I suggest the batting cages if you have any stress tension or anger to get out of your system. It's such a great release! It looks like the softball team I'm supposed to be on at work might fall through. Not enough women want to play for a woman's league or a Co-ed league down here in Utah county. My Midvale leagues doesn't look like its going co-ed either. Sigh! Will my softball experience for this summer be limited to the glory of the batting cages each Saturday morning? I can life with that if I can find someone to play catch with a couple hours a week!


....... BATTER UP!


Sherpa said...

batting cages rock. I've been meaning to go for the past couple of weeks but the weather has turned hella cold again.

ShaBANG said...

yes, they do! I'm going every weekend this summer. Awesome therapy.