April 12, 2007

Ok. Listen up I'm only going to say this ONE more time...

Can I just pose this to everyone:

No one needs to educate me to not say spic or wet back, I KNOW IT'S WRONG
No one has to educated me to not say chinc, I KNOW IT'S WRONG
No one has to educate me not to say cracker, howlie, gringo, red neck, honkey, etc, I KNOW IT'S WRONG
No one has to educate me not to say fag, I KNOW IT'S WRONG

No one had to educate me not to say: nigger, nappy headed, uncle tom, congo bunny, spook, etc. I KNOW IT'S WRONG.
No one had to educate me not to say F.O.B I KNOW IT'S WRONG

No one, especially in this day and age has to educate me on not saying racial slurs and racial slang BECAUSE IT IS WRONG and I KNOW IT'S WRONG.
It doesn't matter who says it, who "gets" to say it, who shouldn't say it, who refers to whom as those things within a race or outside of that race... BECAUSE IT IS WRONG.

If I say it, IT'S WRONG
If you say it, IT'S WRONG

So why is it that there is a focus on who needs to be educated on when to say something that WE all know is wrong?

Why is it so hard to not KNOW what is and isn't wrong?

Please don't assume that all black people are upset when other races say it and not when their own say it.

I dare say that What you see in the media, is NOT how it is worldwide. Of course the media isn't going to show the black people who HATE that term and discourage other blacks AS WELL as other races from saying it. To even assume such things is as asinine as me taking my Queues about white people from the likes of M&M and Uncle Cracker or even Jeff Foxworthy. or the movie "Deliverance" for that matter.

I am SICK of people accusing me of that very thing. I don't care who you are, black, white, green, yellow, red, purple, sky blue plaid. Those words....( all derogatory words of a racial nature) are offensive, PERIOD. And for anyone to justify another's use of it, in my book is WRONG.

I think "Racist" is an over used word. There's a world of difference in being an ass and using racial slurs on tv, radio, for ratings, comedy, music etc then there is in being racist. Not everyone who uses racial slurs are racist. I will say everyone who uses them are ignorant.

Imus is a jackass. Is he racist? Who knows? Seriously who amongst us knows? I surely don't. But I do know this:
HE IS A JACKASS! *thanks E.S*


Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are SELF APPOINTED. I didn't elect either one of them to think for me, act for me or speak for me. I'm sick of people feeling obligated to give me their opinion of them. I DO NOT CARE what you think of them. I really do not care. Nor do I feel I need to obligate you with my opinion of them. Other people make my life hell each time they open their mouths. I care when it is assumed they speak for all black people of America just because they appointed themselves to do so.

Do I make myself clear?

Don't make me have to come back here and repeat myself.


Sherpa said...

I'm seriously sick of this Imus stuff. What he said was wrong, there's no doubt about it. He's been fired? good. But the amount of media focus? In some ways its good, in some ways its just lame. Its all about the shock factor. Sure there's a serious issue behind it all, one that we need to discuss, but I don't know if idignation and anger towards Imus is really going to get a dialogue going.

ShaBANG said...

It's not. I think dialogs got better results with the Kramer issue. This was no better than a free for all. I have two issues with this:

If someone well known in the media uses a racial slur, they should EXPECT the back lash and expect to be fired.

If humans want to stop being called derogatory slurs and racial slang, they better stop glorifying it within their own race and outside of it. PERIOD! I just don't see why that is soo hard to comprehend

Sherpa said...

See, I don't think the real issue is going to be addressed. Racism isn't really the underlying issue here. Since the '70's and before the US media has been focused on the sensational. Look who are big names in media pundits. There's Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter etc. They make their money by saying outrageous things. Imus has a history of this and people are speaking out. However, people are still tuning in to hear the hate, the shock value, the knee jerk reactionaries on the media; and so they'll still be advertisers to pay to support these people. This kind of language was talked against last april and this april in conference. However, until there's a huge outcry from the public about this sort of damaging media; there won't be any change.

Joycelyn said...

Are you calling me yellow??

*raised eyebrow*

ShaBANG said...

I absolutely agree Sherpa. What does a public out cry have to look like for the change to happen?

Cliffy, girl you are one of the most easy going people I know when it comes to this sort of thing. I like your example. Sometimes people need to just laugh at themselves and roll with it. You do that while not degrading yourself and others.

I appoint you my Cultural ambassador :)

Sherpa, as always, My political example.

You both give hope to this world of sometime crappy people :)

Joycelyn said...

You know, I wasn't actually even aware of my ethnic background until I moved out to BYU. It was the first time I had seen any asian associations that stood out...and it was like an epiphany that I was Filipina. Ethnic backgrounds never really mattered in my hometown, or I was really naive and blinded by trying to see the best in others.

I come from a blended family of European Americans and Filipinos. As it turns out, all of my siblings married European Americans. So...all that ethnic garble never really mattered to me or my family because we're all blended. Even my cousins are...European American & Mexican blends.

Laura said...

You, Jo and I are still all the sugars, though... right?

Very White Sugah xx

Kipluck said...

THANK YOU. As usual, ShaBang, you are a voice of reason. I don't CARE what race someone is when they say something rude... it is still rude.

ShaBANG said...

Laura, OF COURSE!!!! I don't know what I'd do without my Suga sista's! *sigh* I think I'll make another t-shirt for us all!

Kippy! YOU GET IT! SO many other people don't get it. And if they do get it they put it so offensively you feel as if you've done something to these people to tick them off, just by simply being. *sigh*

I think I have a stellar group of friends. Some are more stellar than others, but they're all STELLAR!