November 30, 2008

It's The MOST Interesting Time Of The Year!

For the next 9 days, I'm a twin. I happens this time every year. I could use that next time someone says "tell us something interesting about your self." I can say "I'm a twin 12 days out of the year!

My sister and I are 11 months apart. And there's a 12 day span when we're both the same age. Does anyone care to ask u our ages any other time of the year?

*SIGH* Nope!

After all these years I don't even care to elaborate anymore. When people say "Oh! Twins!" I just say, nope she's having a birthday in a few days and I'm not. It's fun to watch them figure it out.
Here's a Kicker! Growing up there were two brothers we knew. They were part time twins also, one brother was a day older than my sister and the other brother was a day older than me. We went to the same Jr and High School. I wonder if our moms were in the same hospital? That woulda been cool. I know the older one's were in the same kindergarden and first grade class and then us 2 younger one's were in the same kindergarden and first grade class. Then my family moved away but we ended up in the same schools after 6th grade.

K, so My birthday was the day after Thanksgiving this year. I spent it camping out at best buy so I could purchase this groovy lap top w/printer for 375$ That, my friends is a bargain! And it was a fun night. (you can read about it on my other blog: )

I got home about 6:45 am and slept almost til noon. I was awakened by a phone call... My neice was in Labor! They were all going to come here for the weekend but instead stayed in and behold: a little neice was born on my birthday :)

That's way cool but it's also the icing on the cake! I had a nephew born on my birthday 14 years ago. Oh, and I was born on my cousin Paul Warfield's 28th birthday. You know he was an NFL wide reciever with the 1972 Miami Dolphins world Champions.

My sister is a little bitter. She says I'm greedy and selfish with family being born on my same day. I don't think so. Now if they were ALL left-handed like me.... THAT would be greedy and selfish. HA! I have 2 cousins who are left-handed like me and their mom and I favor each other. You can defineately tell we're related. lol.

I did have a neice come close to my sister's birthday. But she decided to come 3 days early and was born on my sister's roomates birthday instead. Another neice was born on her mama's birthday (My sister in law's.) That seriously cracks me up, sister can't get a break.

I also get all the breaks when we go out around our birthdays. Typically we used to go to Vegas the first weekend in December which is the weekend between our birthdays. But I would get ALL the breaks: Free meals, slot machine jackpots, finding money on the floor and in ash trays. Oh I don't gamble anymore but I've been pretty fortunate when I did. I would never spend more than $40. When that was gone I was done. The thing is, It was never gone. I'd spend $2 on Nickels and win $50. Put my $40 in my pocket and play with 10$ . Turn that into $100 on the dollar poker machine, Pocket half of that, then spend another $5 and go win another $60 in Nickels again, then pocket half of that and go spend $10 in quarters and win another $300 on that.
*SIGH* GAMBLING IS EVIL, DON'T DO IT! Besides, your friends and family will turn on you when you keep winning and they don't. I'm proud to say I haven't gambled the last 3 times I've gone and it's been just as great of time. Maybe it's just birthday luck? Naw, I have a system. It works. Cuz when I taught it to my sister's roomate, she turned $20 in quarters into like 750$ in quarters.

*SIGH* Gambling is evil don't do it!

For the most part having a birthday this close to 2 holidays with a sister's brithday so close, its kinda sucks. Ok it REALLY sucks. Most people are out of town for the holidays, students are rushing back to take finals before christmas. People are shopping like crazy, or in a turkey coma still or they've just plain forgotten. But I make the most of it. I am finding ways to make it interesting and have learned how to enjoy it!

My poor sister though. Hey if anyone out there has a kid on December 9th, let me know. lol

Happy Holidays !


S'mee said...

Oy. Happy Belated Birthday and congratulations on the printer,AND baby niece! : )

My mom is a Dec 16 baby. yikes, what a nightmare.

In our house we like to share. So I had each of my kids on to one of their uncles or aunts...same birth order and same gender as my mother in law's kids...(cue Twilight Zone theme)yup, there it goes.

Amanda said...

you are one hilarious and wonderful woman. i just cracked up (out loud) reading your blog.

and HECK YES on what your daughter said about the election. now that is what i call FAITH.

and i love your spiritual blog too. you're so honest and heartfelt. i know that heavenly father is just proud and overjoyed to have you working so hard for him. god bless.

ShaBANG said...

Amanda, thank you so much and welcome to my blog world. I love feed back and it's good to know someone appreciates my online ramblings, shortcomings and experiences.

S'mee, as always, good to hear from you. And yeah, i thought my family was spoooky like that. You have us beat! *looking around trying to find out where the twilight zone music is actually coming from..*

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday!! But I have to say you're a bit crazy with the Black Friday stuff. I don't even venture out on that day. Actually, I'm so uptight, I usually have Christmas shopping done by Halloween.

We haven't been to Genesis in forever, because it's right at Baylie's bedtime and her naps get all messed up with Church. Maybe it will work out better with the schedule after January. We'll see. But I still think about you and hopefully will see you soon.

Merry Christmas!