December 12, 2008

Ghetto Christmas Elf!

This year, I'm a ghetto Christmas elf. One of my friends called me up the other day, she was getting out all of her christmas items and taking them to D.I. (Deseret Industries) which is the equivelent of the Salvation Army for those of you who don't live out west. She came across at Christmas wreath with a Raggedy Ann on it. Those who know me know I LOVE Raggedy Ann & Andy. So I told her "of course I want Raggedy Ann." And told her I'd come by to pick her up. When I eventually got there she had boxes and boxes of christmas decore. And this was really cute stuff. She said feel free to take what I wanted.

Since there was so much to go through I told her I'd just take the stuff and after going through it, I'd take it to D.I. Got the boxes home and there was some really fun stuff in there. Alot of it, not my style I was most interested in the pine garlands with lights and pine cones. She had a couple of Black Santa Clauses and Angels that I liked. As I was going through the stuff some of the names and faces of my neigbors started going through my head. I thought to myself... "How funny would it be to wake up and find extra christmas decorations in your yard and not know where it came from?" It cracked me up. The ideah was just funny and ghetto enough for me to be able to pull off.

Oh, don't worry, I'm safe in bloggin, my neigborhood doesn't blog really. Most of them say... "what's a blog." I probably won't be found out until weeks after Christmas. By then it'll be packed up and put in the storage for them to display next year. Actually Monday I did a Ghetto Elf Drop to 3 neigbors. I've passed their homes everyday and although they've added decorations to their yards, the one's I've added are still where I've left them. Soo Funny! I can't wait to hear the reactions from the neigbors through out the season.

It's going to be hilarious when people start talking and noticing. And even if they don't notice, Then I have a little Secret with God.... which is sometimes the way I like it best.
Now Go out and do some Ghetto Elfing yourselves!


S'mee said...

So funny you should post this today! The first news item on the local LA news here this morning was how they FINALLY figured out how this one particular place in LA always got mysteriously decorated...

random cheery people in the middle of the night.

Someone, years ago, decided that this place needed a Christmas redo and got to it in the middle of the night. The idea grew and badabing badaboom, it's a tradition now.

You could bring this tradition to your neighborhood!

ShaBANG said...

That's just so funny! I love it.
This really confirms something I've always believed....When there is a good positive thought that's put in the universe... good people get prompted by it around the world and respond accordingly without words ever having to be spoken.

Kristin said...

This makes me think of something that happened to my parents a couple years ago. A bunch of guys stole a snowman decoration from my parents yard. My parents didn't even know it was missing until it returned with an envelope full of pictures. Turned out the guys had taken the snowman to Vegas. They had pictures of them and him all over Vegas: on elevators, in the hotel, in casinos, etc. My parents didn't even recognize the guys in the photos. It was awesome!

ShaBANG said...

Kristin! We did that with my best friends tie.
My friend took it to Hawaii with her, took pics of it on the beach, with hula girls... the works. I love it when that kinda stuff happens :)

Danielle said...

That was so much fun! I still can't believe that guy walked out his front door and then walked right back and still didn't see that big stocking duct taped to the front of it!

Alida Bowles said...

That is a hilarious what did you wind up doing? And why do you always come up with the neatest of ideas?!?!?