October 17, 2006


The man (see photo below) hates mondays. HATES THEM! I dont think they're so bad actually. Once in a while they get to me but not too often. I wonder is Monday really that bad? There's defineately something up with Mondays, there's even a band call "Surviving Mondays."
Let's think about this:
It's the begining of a new week and new adventure.
It's one day closer to the weekend
Monday Night Football!
"water cooler chat" with the buddies about the weekend.
Kids back to school, moms get the houses to themselves.
Family night with family discounts at restaurants and gaming places.
There's only 1 monday per week!

See now think about it, Mondays aren't THAT bad are they?

Ok so maybe they are for some of you. Here are some ideas you can try to help you survive Mondays:
*Take yourself out to lunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant every monday.
* I bet Starbucks Love Mondays and the nationwide caffiene rush
*Give your sweetie a suprize of some kind every monday.
*Tape your favorite shows you aren't able to watch during the week and turn monday
into your own special Monday night feature party.
*Girls night out or Guys night out every Monday, it's cheaper to go out in the middle of the week then it is the weekend.
*Make time do to something you really really love to do on a Monday
What if we found ways and did things to make Monday the BEST day of the week? Reward yourself for getting through it and then reward someone else too.
What do you do to Survive your Mondays?
What could someone else do to help you Survive Mondays?


Glen said...

Best part about Mondays. Cesar Millan as the dog whisperer. I love that show. :)

Jesse said...

Thursdays. Thursdays are the longest day. You're ready for the weekend and then realize you have one more day to go.

ShaBANG said...

JESSE!! That's exactly how I feel. I dread Thursdays. Yet, its' my daughters Favorite day becaues if only means one day left. I dont get it.
This is what makes my Thursday go quickly.... I work customer support in a call center to we take inbound calling from an 800 line. I have my headset on but if I stick the ear bud from my headphone on my mp3 player and keep the music soft, it not only helps the day go by, it keeps me Nice to my customers. I remember one day a customer was screaming at me. All I could think of was.... "lady you can cuss and scream at me all you want, because I got Ne-yo in my ear right now letting me know Im his "sexxy luv."

ShaBANG said...

I'm surviving this monday by not going to work!
that's also how i'm surviving
tues... wed.... thurs...and friday... :)