October 15, 2006

Did You Watch College Football Yesterday???
What a hot mess. Yesterday you didnt even have to be a football fan to watch college football. There truly WAS something for everyone.

For Those Following the Rivalry Trophies:

Wisconsin beat Minnesota 48-12 to win the Paul Bunyan Ax!(see above Photo)

For the Heart felt; I lead you to Oklahoma and the story about a Sooner Named Adrian Peterson: Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma Sooner's Heisman hopeful. Junior Running Back I believe he's 4th in the nation. And that's what he does, He runs back and forth, to and fro, North and south while weaving east and west for touch downs. This particular saturday was a special game. Adrian was playing with his father in the stands for the first time in his college career. His father is just out of prision after serving and 8 year term. For what? None of your business, that's besides the point! Oklahoma Sooners having great game, putting the smack down on Iowa State! with about 6 minutes left in the game, Peterson finds himself with the ball running 53 yard and diving into the endzone for the touchdown. While doing so, he broke his collarbone, and is out for at least the regular season.

For you weather Fanatics: A Hurricane hit Miami... in the form of Miami International. What happened? Is Miami International poor sports with a 0-7 record this season ? Have they come close to winning a couple times that when the Miami Hurricanes showed their cocky side... well, their ONLY side was it just too much to take?
Here's the scene:
There was a touchdown for the 'canes and an unsportman like conduct penalty on their side. They kicked for the extra point and then all hell broke lose! A hurricane of players from both sides brawling like the dirty south that they are. There was pushing, kicking, someone removed their head gear and started swinging it at others. The bench was cleared. For the fans, it was AWESOME! For the players, what a disgrace. A disgrace to the title and priviledge of being an Athelete. A disgrace to the sport of college football. A disgrace to your teams and the example you should be to your college. A disgrace to the privelege of being called men. Most of all, A disgrace to your mama! Even in sport a man knows when to hold his composure and conduct himself in a gentlemanly manner. Boys, go to your rooms until you can play nice! Fans, wow, was that a brawl of brawls or what? *wink*

For those holding their breath: I take you to those candy corn looking uniforms called the USC Trojans. My sister said at one time while she was half a sleep and glanced at the tv with them playing: "they look like halloween Candy corn running around the field. (haha that still cracks me up!)
I don't know who said it but they really ARE the most unimpressive undefeated team right now. And they just won that prized spot of being number 2 in the country. In other words, LIKE O.J SIMPSON THEY GOT LUCKY, and should still be scurred!
This weekend they played The Sundevils of Arizona.
The score was in their favor 21-7 going into the half. But they were up 21-0 the first 20 minutes into the game.By the end of the third and most of the 4th, the Sundevils came back with a burning vengence evening things up 21-21. The last 5 min or so USC with the ball, ate up the clock to scored the winning touchdown. Save their first game, the others have been ugly wins. This win and the Gators loss brings them officially to the 2nd place rating. However, they ought not to be too happy, they should look at their history. No, not their University history, the History of the #2 spot this season. Is it just a matter of time befor they get picked off too?

For the Vengance type: Let me give you a dog eat dog invironment. A week ago Auburn was #2. They got picked off in an Upset by LSU which nocked them out of that # 2 spot giving it to the Florida Gators. Auburn returned the Favor by picking off Florida at the #2 spot this week, giving it USC.
Auburn, Auburn, Auburn! In the beginning it was all Gator. 17-11 at the half. When the clock started back up at the top of the 2nd half, Auburn put the burn on the Gators and their perfect season. I believe they said the coach lashed them in the locker room calling them a buncha girls and questioning their manhood. Whatever it was, it was enough for the Tigers to come out swinging and they dominated with 16 points (the last touchdown was in play before the time ran out and scored after time ran out) holding Florida scoreless in the last half. Auburn losing to LSU last week gave the Gaters that # 2 spot. Auburn decided to come in person and taketh away on their terms: If we can't have it, you can't either. Go ahead, War Eagles, go ahead!

For The Underdog: No need to fear... Underdog is here!
I must admit I got a little teary eyed about this game. The press stated it best: " Indiana waited nearly two decades to party like this."
Leaving # 15 Iowa wiping the dust from their Hawkeyes! Indiana has had some struggles the last season with players getting suspended and coaches having brain surgery alla that kind of stuff. Although they upset the Fighting Illini Homecoming (pronounced Ill -eye-nye) last week with a 34-32 victory. Perhaps it's a new beginning for the Hoosiers. The jubilation after the game was such that if you were watching, even one small portion of it, your heart for a split second, was hoosier. Fans Screaming, Slapping high fives with the players, the band, and each other. Atheletes gathered in the pack, helmets held high in good voice singing the fight song. To be victorious in this a manor, there's nothing like it! And if you can put behind you the fact that it took almost quarter of a Century to get there, All the better! Props to Indiana. Hoosier Daddy?!

For those who HAIL TO THE VICTORS: I didnt' get to see my wolverines win. We trotted down to Happy Valley. No, not the mormon happy valley that y'all call Provo, Utah. The REAL Happy Valley, home of the Nittany Lions. Let me tell y'all something before I get started. I LOVE JOPA! LOVE HIM! With Manningham out michigan would be looking for the team to step up and they did. However the wolverines, took out two of Jopa's quarterbacks, one to a concussion. To Jopa's credit the Nittany Lions held Michigan 7 points in the last half of the game. Final Score Michigan 17-Penn St 10.
**Side note.... Penne, the Wolverine QB was on his home turf tonight of Penn St. Apparently he had a verbal committment to Penn St just out of High School and decided to go with the better of the 2 teams. Sorry JOPA,but, you're still THE MAN in my book!

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Glen said...

I so agree with you on the Miami mess. That made me a little sick. Nope made me more sick than stomach flu could have. And to top if off, you have an anouncer screaming that he was about to go down and join the melee. Sad state of affairs.