October 24, 2007

Grazin & Cornmazin Part 2

Mountain Mike's Pizza was the place! We had the joint all to ourselves. I was carrying little man because we put his shoes in the trunk and their they would stay until he went home. The Mellow Crew was already there getting a table set up. I WAS A MESS. We were all a mess. Filthy dirty. Not just filthy, not just dirty, but filthy dirty. I Looked at the guy behind the counter
"do you mind if I just kick my shoes off at the door?"
"thats fine" he smiled.

"Oh I already told him that this night would be unlike any other night they've ever seen."
yelled Aunty

"Good!" I said.
And then the fun began. We were all getting situated around the table.

Someone told me earlier that Little man had a crush on Doodle-bug.
(sorry little man, that's just the way it is around siblings... nothing is sacred)

So the seating was arranged so he could sit with her during pizza. You should have seen the big ol grin on his face. She, appreciating his admiration made sure he was well taken care of all night. She even rode him piggy back up 3 flights of stairs to his home at the end of the night!

There was literally no one else in the place. We were loud and boisterous and rowdy and cracking up about the maze things. It was a party... with entertainment....
Dip & Dap!
I love these two girls. Well I love them all but these two girls.... are just outta control. When one would start to slow down, the other would hit like a recharge button. Even ordering Pizza and drinks was a show. At one point I laughed so hard I couldn't even sit up in my chair. My head was practially in the lap of K-bug all night!
You know that kind of laughter when you are just sooo weak and hurt soo much that all you can do is breath and cry? Yeah it was JUST like that. Couple that with muddy butts and muddy shoes and sugar..... you have a party that can't be stopped
While waiting for the food to arrive Sandra and little man made up this game of table hockey:

Think of a regular air hockey table. Now replace that with a typical table at a pizza parlor.
The hockey puck... is the parmesian cheese shaker. The hockey paddles are the salt and pepper shakers. If the cheese falls in your lap, the opponent scores. If it's shot over the edge of the table or onto the next table... Little man will announce:
Sandra and little man were going at it, it was a good game. And when they finished Dip & Dap got on the other ends of the table... so this table hockey game played out between the 4 of them... and the rest of us cheered as if we were at a real hockey game. It was awesome and we continued this game until the pizza came!

Our poor server, he didn't know what to do. We had shakers and napkin holders all set up on the table looking like a hockey rink with us cheering and booing and commentating. I'm not sure how long he stood their til we recognized him. We quickly made room for the pizza's. We were starrrrrrrrrrving! The server went back to get our plates. Everyone was scrambling to replace eating utinsils and refill drinks and then for the first time... and only time of the night.... we were settled down.
I stood up and said.... "lets bless the food!" I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth. Its not something I do often in a public place. I sort of checked myselt and kind of looked around expecting to see everyone staring back at me like I was weird. But what I saw was everyone's head bowed and ready for a prayer. Wow. It took a second to look around at everyone. "this is awesome" I thought. I don't know why but I felt that it was the coolest moment of the whole day. I looked over at little man sitting next to D-bug with his arms stretch out across the table. He was looking at me smiling. I whispered.. "we're gonna say a prayer..." and looked over at d-bug and giggled and folded his arms and closed his eyes.
The prayer was given. The reverence after lasted all of 5 seconds until the commotion began again.

The Pizza was good: 1 large pepperoni/sausage and 1 large Robbers roost!
I highly recommend the Robbers Roost it's my new favorite. That was a good pizza: Grilled chicken pieces, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms & green onions on our creamy garlic sauce.
Only a couple of kids were brave enough to try it.
We ordered 2 pasta dishes as well:

Chicken Alfredo
Spiral pasta & grilled chicken smothered in a rich and creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheese, then baked to perfection.

Three Cheese Marinara
Hot fresh pasta in three cheese marinara sauce, baked with a layer of melted Italian cheeses.

Kind of like a Macaroni and cheese with tomato sauce.

Personally, I think tomato sauce in macaroni and cheese messes up the macaroni and cheese. But it was an OK dish i guess.

I guess with our mouths full and everyone starting to settle down, we realized there was music playing. It was a good ol song from my high school days so I belted out a few verses. I don't know what happened next.... It had to be Dip and Dap because they were up in the middle of the restaurant...
and the dancing began!

There was break dancing, there was sliding, there was the sprinkler dance, the shopping cart dance, the worm or caterpiller or whatever they're calling it these days.Even the Michael Jackson Thriller dance and some freakish mummy looking dance Little man was running across the floor and then sliding like super man. I even got up and danced too. I caught the eye of the cashier and cook who where looking at us as if they wished they could join. I gave the cook a wink and he winked back. I went up to him and said...

"Y'all don't mind, do ya?"

" No Way! I'm so glad I was scheduled to work tonite, this is AWESOME! I hope we see you all again, do you live around here?"

I told him the break down of where we were all from. He was impressed, Ogden, Midvale, Riverton and Provo.

"How do you all know each other?" He asked

"These are my daughters and sisters! We're all harem of little man over there" I smiled.

He laughed and looked at my crew just as Doodle bug grabbed little man's hand and started doing some kind of dance.

"Well... this is awesome!" he said... "and I hope you all come back again this was so fun for us."

We were interrupted because little man needed to get to the restroom... QUICK! He and I raced off and I sent him into the Men's room. ON the way back to the table I looked at the floor and noticed chunks of dried mud in different spots on the floor. I guess we had left our mark.

I looked up and the 2 mellow kids were starting to wind down.... until the 2 wild one's started having a dance off which, by the way sent us all into fits of laughter.

Then one of them, I believe it was Dip, stopped and with wide eyes took off into the distance. OH NO! I thought. They spotted the game room. It was as if they didn't recognize it befor, but it was there the whole time.

Eventually everyone but the 2 bugs and Aunty were in the game room. It was more like a jungle room or a game of "How many of us can we get on this horse? How many of us can we get on the Motorcycle? How many of us can crowd into this space. And just how loud can we be? Then they would add lib some sort of dramatic motorcycle or horse back riding scene.

Little man made it out of the restroom and joined in the jungle room. We actually put a quarter in the horse and let him ride it.. .and he was interrupted by the others once they saw the horse was actually moving for him... everyone piled on. It was crazy!

Eventually I was starting to settle down and reality was setting in. It was an hour til midnight and time get the kids to their perspective homes. Tomorrow would be Sunday and it was going to be a pretty rough day.

Inspite of moans and groans we started rounding up the kids. I had them call their mother's to let them know they'd be home within the hour. We gathered our muddy coats and shoes and hats and gloves. We stacked our dishes and cups and the pizza pans for our servers and left them a really big tip. Walked out side and it was snowing!

Dip being from Mississippi origionally had never really seen snow befor today. The girl was running and screaming through the parking lot:
"It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!"

This same routine happened earlier before we even hit the corn maze. She came running back our way and grabbed Dap and they jumped up and down dancing in a circle chanting
"snow!" "snow!" "snow!'
Which in turn got us all excited with more fits of laughter.

"wow" I thought. They just keep going and going and going. It was awesome.
Even the car ride home was crazy with laughing and dancing.

"Hey, what are we doing for November?" Someone said.

"we have free games for bowling!" someone else said.

I looked at the tickets and its only free bowling on M-F before 5 pm.

All the adults looked at each other.

It was deteremined that the day after thanksgiving would be perfect for bowling! While the rest of the world is out Christmas shopping, me and my crew will be throwing balls and probably ourselves down alleys.

So if you happen to be cruisin by a bowling alley and see about 10 people rolling on the ground and falling all over each other laughin... give us a shout out!

*i bet you all wish you could see most of the video's and pictures of the night. I'm not comfortable with posting the faces of kids on the world wide web without their parents permission. So there! :-P

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