October 26, 2007


So the department has been talking about Halloween the passed 2 weeks and what to dress up as.
I Usually go with such ghetto lazy costumes:
Show up to work in Pajama's. "what are you for halloween?" they'd ask. "I'm tired" I'd say.
Regular clothes. "what are you for halloween?" "serial killer, they look like everyone else"
Dress with a jumper and 2 pony tails. What are you for halloween. " a doll"

I think I haven't seriously dressed up since about 1990. I was a Genie or a Harem girl. I found some mc-hammer type pants that were sheer and ballooned out. Found some ballet slippers to fit my big ole feet and a genie-esk shirt. I pulled up my waist long braids into the "I Love Genie" Pony tail and off I went. I went to a couple parties, won a couple prizes...when people got on my nerves I would fold my arm, look directly at them, and do that famous "I Love Genie" nod. yeah, it didn't work they would never disappear.

Last year I was a Lepard which really isn't a stretch for me. I have so much lepard skin clothing and other things that I just put it on, did a cat nose and afro'd out my hair.

The year before... a Gypsie. Again no big stretch, Put on a peasant blouse and broomstick skirt with a scarf arouond the head. I actually took some crystals off of a candle stick and used them for earrings. I would slam the palm of my hand on people's foreheads all day and read their fortune for a peice of chocolate. ( I'm ghetto like that)

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. This year is going to be a stretch. We were talking about dressng up as something that would fit our personalities. (No I'm not going to be a witch, and if you take off the w and put in a b i'm not going to be that either.) Some of the guys were thinking of pulling off a transformer look. My mind is thinking maybe a transvestite look would be better? In the passed we've had clown, babies, chickens. One year we even had a pimp daddy. Which reminds me of a little guy who once called himself... "Big Pimpin". Seriously he looked more like "little Pimple" but who was I to mess up his fun? As they were thinking of things to be that were supposed to be tailored to their personality, I decided to go the opposite.

As each person disclosed what they were thinking the question came back to me.
So, KayDee... what are you going to be this year?

"a butterfly"

I answered. They watched me with smiles... waiting for the catch.

"Yeah...? they said... "what kind...?"

"um... a blue butterfly" I said.

" ok.....and..?" they said..

" uh...... a baby blue butterfly?" I answered.... wondering if I was back in high school and making a good educated guess on the answer to "x = ?"

"Nuh-uh!" Said one of the girls. "No way, If I know you, that's not it at all! What? You have a stick of butter costume with wings???"
"the gang agreed.."
" I can see you as a wasp or a bee. Will you go around pinching us?"
(that did sound like something I would probably do.)

" nope! No pinches. Butterflies are soft and gentle, they tickle, they're delicate! I'm going to be a butterfly"

Their mouths dropped.

I just told them I was going to be the oppostie of what I am: I'm a klutz, I'm heavy handed, hard footed, loud, rowdy, and all of that.

My thoughts were broken.....

"WHAT? A FEAKING BUTTTERFLY?..... aw C'mon!" She was disgusted!
It was funny to see the disappointment in her face. I had to laugh.

"Sorry, No ghetto Gangsta Generic innercity suburbia costume this year! This year you get a butterfly."
I did my best ballet butterfly move across the department floor, twirled on my does, spread my wings as if to fly... and darn near twisted my ankle.

Yeah people, a freakin butterfly. That's all your getting for halloween outta me. It may be the only way I'll earn some wings.

Trick? or Treat?


Laura said...

Haha. I think "a freakin' butterfly" is perfect. Not just a butterfly but a "freakin' butterfly"... Love it.

ShaBANG said...

I'll take some pix :)

Joycelyn said...

there was this girl back in my college days that seriously had the eyes of a fairy. my brother told her he would totally take her pictures if she would do one request: let him take pictures of her with wings and a wand. she totally turned into a beautiful fairy princess in them. seriously.

love the costume idea.

nava_jo said...

I LOVE LOVE Your make-up. Did you do it? Your SEXY butterfly if you ask me!

ShaBANG said...

Sexy! I've never been sexy in my LIFE! How funny. It's scarey to think my regular cloths and makeup can be used for costumes. Maybe I'll see what I can dig up next year to be be Maide Marion?

All this time I was a butterfly without wings! Who knew? ;)