November 07, 2008


I really really do like the woman. (She can bagg a carabou!)

Because in some ways I can relate to her. I'm not sure I know all the countries and continents. Actually in that regard I don't think she's that different from A LOT of Americans. Think about it. She didn't get to be Governor of Alaska for being an idiot. And who am I to insult an entire state by assuming such? I think she's got way more in common with the average person than McCain or Obama. Not to say that these two men aren't brilliant in whatever it is they're good at.

Palin is not that much different then most of us. Went to about 3 or 4 different colleges... one in her native state, one in Hawaii and 2 in Idaho. I know alot of my friends can't tell the difference in a country and a continent.
She wasn't only a beauty queen but she graduated in journalism and was a sports broadcaster. Isn't that what every guy wants, a beauty queen who's into sports? She not only helps with the family fishing business. She ran for city council... and won. She ran for city mayor... and won. And she ran for Governor... and WON. So Sara is definitely doing something right.

Not only all of that, she's been married for 20 years, is a hockey mom, had a kid this year so that's a total of 5 and they all have really cool names: Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig. Trig is the baby and has down syndrome. Her oldest was recently deployed with the military. Her 18 year old is pregnant and about to get married. Who CAN'T relate to much of that? And let's face it the woman has really good fashion sense. I dare say she has more in common with the average American than Obama or McCain.
Does this mean she's fit to be president or vice president? Yes and No. She kept the names and phone numbers of the people in the city she lived and called them to ask "how's the city doing?" I like those kinds of politics she was in touch with the people who elected her to serve. Just a regular girl next door. Which is probably why she's getting such a bad wrap. We say way the problem with politics is politicians. And then we say the problem with Sara is she's too much like the average American. She made fun of herself, defended herself and rolled with every punch she was throw and even threw a few herself. She can hang out in my culdesac anytime.

We don't know what we want in this country so we poo poo any and everything.

I believe if Sara Palin lived on my block we would be good friends. Cleaning fish and bottling jam, talking about kids and sports whilst she sipping on a diet Dr pepper and me an orange crush.
Go ahead and tease her if you want but I think there's something about the girl that didn't get a fair shake.
Yeah, I really do think she's a cool woman. (That doesn't mean I want her as my president or vice president at this time.) But I'll take her as a neighbor and friend to just hang with on a regular basis.
I hope we haven't seen the last of her.


Sherpa said...

She's amazingly driven, gorgeous, and singlehandedly energized the conservative base. I'm interested to see what happens too.

Jason Randall said...

I like her too. Just not for the position she had sought after.

She makes for great television :)