November 04, 2008


TODAY: November 4, 2008

That's right folks! Plant one on my lips, Kiss my cheeks or kiss my butt i don't care! Got up this morning, put on my all american uniform.... blue jeans, gray t-shirt with 3 red and blue stars and the white letters U.S.A, a blue hoodie with the word KALAMAZOO scripted acrossed it. Brushed my teeth, bumped my hair, put on some lip gloss and drove a mile down the street to the firehouse. Greeted by friends, neigbors and other members of my community and casted my vote for the President of the United States!

What an honor to be part of this historic election! What an honor to be part of the process. What a blessing to be able to stand up today at the forefront of my generations and blood lines in honor of those relatives who couldn't vote because they were female or black and couldn't have a voice for whatever reason back in their day!

Today, November 4, 2008 The ground is wet, the clouds are sprinking and the air is cold. I smell the winds of change in the air. If you've come here to find out who I voted for, you'll be disappointed. I remember one as a little girl asking my mama who she voted for and you know what she said to me? She said
"That's between me and The Lord."
I've always gone by that rule and have never disclosed who I've voted for. I don't see a reason to start today. I will say as far as I was concerned I had Baracknophobia and a McCain in the butt. But last night again I went over the issues from both parties (that issues I could find, that is) and made a choice. Today I ROCKED that choice.
This is the greatest country in the world regardless of who is and will be running it. It's citizens doing their civic duty that make it that way.

This was my daughter's first election. She rocked her vote early, as most of the younger americans are doing. Her feelings on the issue are this and I QUOTE:

"Either way, the country is going down the drain... or down the drain further. Who ever wins is going to lead us closer to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and THAT'S what I'm excited for! I can't wait to see how the 2nd coming all plays out, I'm so excited for that!"

Yeah, she took me for loop for a minute as well. And I took some pride in the fact the we're taught... "IF YOU ARE PREPARED, YOU SHALL NOT FEAR."

We are facing perilous and troublesome times ahead. And if we are prepared, we will not fear.
And for those who have said....There will be a black man in office or a woman in office when hell freezes over..... guess what? The weather forecast is calling for snow by tomorrow morning.
Either way the freezing process has begun.

Single Christian Black American Mama (not affiliated with any political party)



Laura said...

Kissy Kissy Smoochy SMOOCH!

You voted for me, right?

Laura said...

Hey you! Do you want to be part of my recipe swap blog? Yes, ofcourse you do! What email address should I send the invite to?

ShaBANG said...

shoot it to the I keep getting them on the other invite but it's not linking. My yahoo has been acting up since summertime :)