November 07, 2008


I'm listening to the first press Conference for Barack Obama.
They asked the man about the dog he's getting his daughters. He wants a hypo-allergenic and "a mutt just like me." Is what he said.

The President elect just referred to himself as a "MUTT." WHAT THE CRAP????

I'm not sure I like that. Y'all know how in parts of the black community we have people who call themselves "Negro" and "Nigga" and things like that? But someone else do it, there's hell to pay.
Just so we're clear, I don't like it. I know if I use those words, society takes it as being ok or permission for them to do the same. I fear President Obama just opened that door. Yeah, yeah, I know you gotta be able to laugh are yourself and have a sense of humor. And boy if anyone needs it he sure does. So I guess maybe I'm more shocked than anything. I'm trying to think back in history and see if I can remember anyone else referring to themselves as a redneck, or adulterer, or hick or anything of the sort. There probably is.

Anyway... I guess I wasn't expecting it. Or maybe I was, but not so soon? I dunno.

But just so we're clear..... Just because the President Elect refers to HIMSELF as a mutt..... don't give you permission to refer to it.

Capiche? ;)


Jesse Harris said...

I've been using the term "mutt" to describe my own diverse national background as it 1) gets the point across and 2) is much more brief than listing off the various European countries I have ancestors in. Occasionally I'll use "Heinz 57" instead.

Anonymous said...

I'm white and I didn't care for him using that term either. I didn't seem presidential. I guess it was an attempt at humor, broke some of the ice, but I wish he just left well enough alone.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Hannity will blow this up. All haters!

ShaBANG said...

I appreciate his attempt at humor and ability to laugh at himself. Maybe it'll send a message for the country to lighten up. (no pun intended.. augh)

I can see the humor in it. And I can see damage in it.

I guess we need to allow people their personalities. And to remember we're all human. I place a lot of weight on intent, so now a few hours later, it's no biggie. I guess it's kind of like looking at an example.... and hoping they don't mess up because it feels like it will reflect us all.

Soooooooo.... anyway, onto my NEXT blog post, which will prolly open a can of words. lol

LisaS said...

I agree it's not very presidential, but at least he acknowledges both his backgrounds. Me thinks we shouldn't get to much in a tizzy about it. For me he embraced the fact that he is more than the first black man, but the first bi-racial president. What an accomplishment.

Sherpa said...

Yeah, I've been calling my self a European mutt for years. It's just easier that way.

It's not presidential perhaps, but that's not a bad thing. And we are a little too sensitive about race sometimes. I think it was a nice icebreaker.